Pumpkin Party
Episode 133
Release Date October 30, 2013
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Matt Chung
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Pumpkin Party is the 133rd episode set inside Stampy's Lovely World. It was released on October 30th, 2013, a day before Halloween.

Plot Edit

Stampy started the video by greeting to the viewers, and eating his moldy cake (a bit). Stampy then said that his Lovely World was decorated to celebrate Halloween. He then wore a clown costume, and visited Henry and Hilda inside their room and he showed their costumes. He then saw Fred dressed up as a slenderman, and he went to the Love Garden and added Matt Chung, for creating a set of fan art for him, and suggesting what he would do for today. He then visited Squid to have a trick-or-treat, but Squid doused him with water, and gave Stampy a moldy cake as a treat.

He then went to Chloe's house, and got frightened in her costume she was wearing. She then gave him a golden apple and some "oreos". He then went to Lee's house, and got frightened again since Lee dressed up as Hit the Target. Lee then changed his costume, and dunked both Stampy and Squid into a hole in front of his door.

Stampy found a lever, and it lead down to an another room. Stampy and Squid both entered the room, and they accidentally blew up a creeper ghost. They then all went to the next room, which were full of moldy cakes, and climbed back up.

They then all played a special mini-game for their Pumpkin Party. Lee and Squid both finished the course, but Lee came in first, and Squid came in second. Stampy was unable to finish the course since the painting didn't drop on the pressure plate. They then all went to the Funland and entered inside Googlies Manor. He then ended the video.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first Halloween video in the Lovely World.
  • Stampy used the Halloween texture pack in this video.
  • This is Stampy's 3rd most popular Lovely World video and 5th most popular video on the channel, with over 33 million views.

Video Edit

Minecraft Xbox-Pumpkin Party [133]

Minecraft Xbox - Pumpkin Party 133

Minecraft Xbox - Pumpkin Party 133

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