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Polly Reindeer
First Appearance: Episode 367
Last Appearance: Terror Trio
Username: Polly Reindeer
Nicknames: Polly
Gallery: "Unknown"
Polly Reindeer, also known as simply Polly, is one of Stampy's friends and helpers. She first appeared in the Christmas episode, North Pole. She used to live at the North Pole along with Santa and her fellow reindeers, but she currently stays in Stampy's Lovely World and became one of Stampy's Minecraft Helpers.

History Edit

Polly first appeared in the episode, North Pole, but she joined Stampy's Lovely World far before then. Polly also has a Twitter. Before she became a Minecraft Helper, Polly was one of the reindeer part of Santa's team, but she couldn't fly. Stampy often refers to her as a master builder. During the episode North Pole, Stampy invited Polly to join his Lovely World as a Helper in the episode North Pole and she agreed. Since then, she has appeared in almost every single episode and is one of the fastest and best builders.

Recently, Stampy helped Polly build a replica of her stable from the North Pole so she could live in due to the fact that she was the only helper not to have a permanent home. It was built two times due to an incident. She has her own shop called Pollytechnic.

Polly got kidnapped by Hit the Target and Veeva Dash in the episode Parkour Race, and she was replaced by a Polly-bot two episode later to fool Stampy into thinking she was back. Two months later, Stampy rescued her after an attack from the evil duo.

Skin Edit

Polly Reindeer's skin is a light brown reindeer with dark brown hooves. She has brown eyes and cream coloured muzzle, antlers and stomach. She wears a pink and yellow scarf, and a belt of the same colour. Unlike Stampy's other Minecraft Helpers, she does not usually wear armor.

Personality Edit

Polly is a master builder and a redstone expert, but her weaknesses is battling evil. She is very peaceful and she won't even hurt a fly. Usually, she may be surrounded by but she won't do anything to attack them and will need William Beaver's help instead of herself. Polly is a reindeer that can't fly, as Stampy stated. She also has a fun and playful side to her personality, often being seen throwing snowballs. She always eats apples.

Trivia Edit

  • Polly Reindeer is the third main Lovely World helper to be introduced. The previous helper introduced was William Beaver, 12 episodes earlier.
  • Polly took Ank55's place in 2017 and built her own snowman with Stampy and LONG bow X99.
  • Her skin is the Cupid skin from the Festive Mash-Up pack.
  • In the accidental unedited release of “Push Pit”, which was quickly deleted, it is revealed that Sqaishey Quack is the actor of Polly.
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