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Polly Reindeer

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Stampy Cat
Polly Reindeer

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Polly's House (episode)

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Connect 3
Seen every episode since Connect 3

Polly Reindeer's House is a wood building and residence of Polly Reindeer in Stampy's Lovely World. It was built in episodes 454 to 455 before it was destroyed by Hit the Target's Laser literally seconds after its opening. It is more or less a replica of Polly's original home in the North Pole.

Description Edit

The entire house is three stories including a basement, the first containing Polly's bedroom, dining room and library, and the second a living room and a wide balcony where, according to Stampy, Polly would do "sunbathing" in the Noth Pole, despite the cold weather, and the basement a workshop where Polly can test machines involving redstone. Locationwise, it is near Stampy's House and the Love Garden. It was built in a grassy area between the Theatre and Harrison Hill, which was vacant for years. Like the adjacent Theatre, the area was once a big mountain before Stampy cleared it out to make way for the Theatre, but some space remained unoccupied. Stampy intended to build it in line of sight from his balcony so that he can see Polly on every video intro, similar to how William Beaver would come out of his cave.

Destruction Edit

Polly's House Episode 455

The house after destruction in Episode 455

In episode 455, titled Revenge, Hit the Target and Veeva Dash managed to destroy it with TNT and fire right after its completion through a laser from the sky. The laser also unintentionally destroyed Squid's Room after barely missing their target, the Doghouse. Stampy and Polly managed to pile up and take control of the laser. Hit the Target and Veeva Dash tried to take refuge inside Hit the Target's Fortress, but Stampy, now in control, destroyed it as "revenge" (hence the name) for destroying Polly's and Squid's House. The two antagonists, after a battle with Stampy, retreated and ran away.

Reconstruction Edit

In episode 456, before stampy started working on his Connect 4-inspired minigame, he showed Polly's new and improved home. A few tweaks were added including the addition of a basement, created after HTT's laser caused a giant hole in Polly's home. The only thing that didn't need to be rebuilt was half of Polly's bedroom, after it somehow survived the explosion and fire.

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