Playful Po Po Station

Police Station



First Appearance

Episode 219

Other Appearances

Episodes 220 & 221


The Playful Po Po Station (or Playful Po Po Police Station)  is a police station in Stampy's Lovely World built to detain criminals and evil-doers whom are punished with never-ending play. Construction started in Episodes 219 and 220 until it was 100% complete on Episode 221.


The toilet Station is made out completely of black Wool and Snow. On the exterior there are flowers in their pots are put in the roof of the station. Inside there are different areas.


  • Reception Area - It is the place where they request where the "playmate" is.
  • Interrogation Room - It is a room where they ask the bad people if they do something or not. If not, Stampy thinks that he/she is lying, so there is a chest full of things in which he can throw to him/her.
  • Just the Case - It is a room where current cases are displayed. Stampy and Lee's computers are there. There are also buttons where they can press to send food to the "playmates".
  • Playrooms - The main room of the station. It is a room where the "playmate" (detainee) are trapped in there and punished with never-ending play. There are also two talking areas where their loved ones can talk to their "playmates". There are two playrooms.

Notable characters involvedEdit

  • Spring - The former police dog, but he sadly died in the water under the landfill.
  • Bengy - The current police dog in honor of Spring.
  • Pig Thief 1 - A thief who is caught stealing some meat
  • Pig Thief 2 - A thief who is caught stealing some fish
  • Pig Gang Leader - A pig who attempted to free the thieves.
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