Pig Pong is a game in the Funland. It was inspired by the 1972 table tennis arcade game, Pong.


The game is surrounded by black and white walls, the same background as the original game. There are also markings where the first or second player should be. The inside has loads of rails. The rails near the players stay as it is, while the ones in the middle are kept changing directions. The rails on the players' places is where they will stay for the duration of the round.

On the other hand, two redstone systems are made for the game. The first one is the sound effect of the rails on the player's place, which used noteblocks to sound it. The other one is a little complexed mechanism which made the changing of the direction of the rails using a minecart whizzing around a separate rail.


This is a speed and concentration game and can be played for two players. The players go on their own rails, and a player rides a pig on a minecart which is used to steer the minecart either left or right. Once the round starts, a player moves the minecart forward and it's up to the players' luckiness if the minecart will go to their place or not. Once the minecart reaches the other side, the other player must push the minecart back. The winner is declared when a player misses pushing the minecart and instead going to where the player's rails are located.

Issue Edit

The original gameplay of the game does not work anymore due to the way minecarts work. The player's minecart on a pig cannot push the minecart forward, leaving the minecart stuck unless a player pushes it manually. A new gameplay was created as a result, called Pigless Pong, where the player itself is riding the minecart, thus eliminating the use of pigs in this game.

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