Here is a list of all Stampy's Pets in his Lovely World and other Minecraft Let's Plays series.

Dogs Edit

For a full list of Stampy's notable dogs, please check Stampy's  Dogs

Lee's dogsEdit

Sparky Edit

Main Article: Sparky Sparky was Lee's first dog in Minecraft. He was the 13th dog who died in Stampy's Lovely World. He killed The Arbiter in Episode 102 and drowned in his grave shortly after the episode

Larry LoveEdit

Mainn called by Stampy as Larry) is a wild wolf that Stampy found. He had too many dogs so Lee tamed it, becoming the dog L for Leeeee x owned after Sparky. Lee noticed Larry liked the heart on the Love Garden so he named him "Larry Love". Larry was tamed in Episode 192. He has a brown collar and is hardly ever seen.



Mittens took around nine fish to tame and is the first ever cat in Stampy's Lovely World. It took a whole video to tame her. Stampy built a kitty cat condo just for her. Main Article: Mittens

Mittens is Stampy's awesome and first pet cat. She currently lives at her own tree house as a gift shortly after Christmas, it is known as the 'Kitty Cat Condo'. Mittens was tamed on Episode 145, when Stampy was supposed to play Golf with L for Leeeeeee x. Mittens is a black and white kitty. The name was inspired by her white paws, which are reminiscent of mittens.

Lucky Cat

Lucky Cat is Stampy's second cat in Stampy's Lovely world, he lives inside of the fortune Fountain Casino. Stampy built from "633 to 635'. it was only three fish to tame him. he is a white mixed gray cat.

Pepper Pot Edit

Pepper Pot is Stampy's only cat in Cave Den. She looks similar to Mittens, but she has a nametag saying "Pepper Pot". Edit

Snow GolemsEdit


Main Article: Henry

Henry is a Snow Golem who currently lives in Stampy's House with Hilda, the Iron Golem.


Main Article: Norman

Norman is a Snow Golem who lives at The Emergency Igloo. Often ignored


Main Article: Holly

Holly is one of the Snow Golems in the Reindeer Rodeo And the sister of Jolly.


Main Article: Jolly

Jolly is one of the Snow Golems in the Reindeer Rodeo And the sister of Holly.

Iron GolemsEdit


Main Article: Hilda

Hilda is an Iron Golem who lives in Stampy's House along with Henry.

Abfgern Edit

Main Article: Abfgern

Abfgern is one of the Iron Golems in "Stampy's And Squid's Quest Series"Abfgern's name was inspired by shouting out random letters. As well as Raftog. Abfgern's is also a professonial Zomball player.


Main Article: Raftog

Raftog is an iron golem and is Abfgern's opponent in Zomball.

Others (Farm animals, Hostile mobs)Edit


Main Article: Flap Chicken in Flap Postal Service

Ender Chicken was spawned in the End after Squid and Stampy killed the Ender Dragon. The Enuaieieii

Skskdkekkder Chicken is also a baby chicken. He lives in a enclosed fenced in area.

He has a chicken on his balcony, outside his room, called Esther.

Chickens in his farm:

Farm Animals Edit

Doobie Doo Edit

Doobie doo is a pig that stars in Cave Den. His is portrayed as Stampy and Sqaisheys "Child". He started off living in their house they built but then moved into his own home. See more: Doobie Doo

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