First appearance: Quest to Kill The Ender Dragon (Part 1)
Last appearance: Quest to Kill The Ender Dragon (Part 7) (Enderdragon series)

Spruce! (in all)

Status: Unknown
Type of mob: Wolf (Dog)/Polar bear
Color of collar: Red
Peter is a dog in the Quest to Kill the Enderdragon series. He is Stampy's dog. He has a red collar, which used to be the only color collar, like Barnaby in his Let's Plays, because he generated a new world for his new Quest.


Peter is a normal dog, with no distinguishing features. When the world was reset, Peter turned into a "wool polar bear", or a sheep. He turned back into a dog in Spruce!


Peter (Pete) was a normal dog that Stampy found in the quest to kill the Ender dragon. Stampy told Squid that when you get your first dog, you will fall in love with it and tame even more dogs, so Squid got a dog and named it Twizzle, then Bizzle and Wizzle, and finally Bob. But, since Stampy and Squid never added a stronghold to the world they were playing on, Peter turned into a "big wool polar bear" and Twizzle, Bizzle, Wizzle, and Bob turned to pigs while they were at the Nether looking for blaze rods; this happened because the first Quest world had no generated structures, so Squid and Stampy started a new world, rebuilt their house, built Peter and themselves with wool, and gave themselves everything they had before.

First AppearanceEdit

Quest to Kill the Ender Dragon Part 1

He was the first dog to be collected or tamed in the series.


  • Quest to Kill the Ender Dragon 
  • Spruce! 


  • Stampy made his voice.
  • His last appearance was in Episode 7 of Quest To Kill The Ender Dragon. His last appearance in any animation was in Spruce.
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