Not Much Room is the 79th episode in Sky Den. It aired on June 25, 2015.

Not Much Room
Episode Number 79
Release Date June 25, 2015

Stampy Cat

Sqaishey Quack

Previous Episode Mushroom Look Alikes
Next Episode The Grand Opening

Plot Edit

Stampy starts the video as normal and throws an egg at the ender dragon. Sqaishey's hiding spot is in the Cake Central and puts on a cow skin. Stampy makes up random favors for Sqaishey to do to prove that she's the "real cow." Sqaishey tries to convince Stampy that he has a fever and that the cow was an illusion. Stampy assigns the goal of the episode is to completely finish the Mushroom Mountain. Stampy builds the Quick Pitt, which is a mushroom/ball pit. Stampy and Sqaishey make the smallest rooms possible, and then they completely finish the nose slide. The Mushroom Mountain hotel is therefore completely finished. They checked on the grass race and Sqaishey was winning by one block. The last part of the video is them doing painting roulette. To give Kevin more attention, Sqaishey gives him a door for arms and Stampy upgrades Kevin by replacing his old wooden button for a stone button. Touched, Kevin gives them both two games of painting roulette. Sqaishey got an egg on the first go and got a cookie on the second go. Stampy gets a piece of steak on the first go and a piece of rotten flesh on the second go. Then Stampy says bye and annouces that the grand opening of the mushroom hotel will be in the next episode.


Minecraft Xbox - Sky Den - Not Much Room (79) 
Minecraft Xbox - Sky Den - Not Much Room (79)

Minecraft Xbox - Sky Den - Not Much Room (79)

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