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24th April 2014



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Netty Plays
First Appearance: Danger Zone
Last Appearance: Unknown
Username: NettyPlays
Nicknames: Netty
Gallery: "Unknown"

Netty Plays is a gamer, YouTuber, and one of Stampylonghead's older sisters. She currently has her own channel, Netty Plays with more than 200,000 subscribers. She is famous for her participation of The Sister Challenge, where she learned the basics of Minecraft. Ever since then, Netty has been getting better at Minecraft, even though she is fairly new to video gaming.  

On 26th September 2017, Netty announced that she and Martyn Littlewood are engaged. They eventually got married on 23rd February 2019.

YouTube Channel Edit

Her YouTube channel, Netty Plays is a growing channel with more than 200,000 subscribers. She plays mainly Minecraft, but also plays The Sims 4.

Series Edit

  • The World With No Shame
  • Marvelous Mountain (w/ Tomohawk)
  • Rubbish Rambles
  • Sqaishey's House (sometimes w/ SqaisheyQuack)
  • Speed UHC
  • One Life (w/ other YouTubers)
  • Fridays with Netty and Mini (w/ Mini)
  • Aether Two
  • Minecraft Evolution SMP
  • Harmony Hollow
  • Sqaishey's Castle (Sometimes w / SqaisheyQuack)


Netty's skin is a bluey-purplish bush-baby. In the Sister Challenge, she is shown as a purple Stampy Cat. 


Association with StampyEdit

Aside from being Stampy's sister, she appeared in multiple videos on Stampy's channel, as the main focus of the Sister Challenge, as a Minecraft Helper in his Lovely World and as a tribute in Horner Games. She first appeared in the Sissy Sister Challenge, in which Stampy has to teach her on how to play Minecraft on the Xbox 360. She also appears in Stampy's Lovely World, and made her debut in Danger Zone

Trivia Edit

  • Her real name is Annette Garrett 
  • According to her, she had "stopped growing when she was twelve", which is why she is short compared to her younger brother. 

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