My New Shop
Episode 104
My New Shop
Release Date July 20, 2013
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My New Shop is the 104th episode in Stampy's Lovely World and the 4th episode of Season 4.

Plot Edit

Stampy greets and goes to his balcony. Amylee and Rosie gives lovely jubbley love love petals to Stampy. Stampy goes to Amylee and Rosie's Bedroom to see the inside. He then goes to the guest room behind the painting and sees a table with a cake on top and a sign. The sign says: Here is your cake. Make it last. Enjoy :). -Lee bear. Stampy eats the cake and sees fake Lee. He goes down and goes to the Love Garden to add Oreo the dog showing the comment of Oreo the dog saying: stampy I wuv you <3. He goes to his house's entrance and sees a letter from here saying: Wish You were here, showing a picture of Lee eating a watermelon at the beach. He then goes to his Doghouse and goes to Squid's room seeing Squid with a sticky piston and lever with redstone. He takes Duncan with him for the rest of the episode. Stampy proceeds to go outside and chops trees for wood. He starts to build his new shop which is Stampy's Overwear Clothes Shop. Later, his helpers came and helped him with the construction. They take a break for awhile and played a round in Fish Me A Dish mini-game. They ate first and Squid made a sign saying: I'm hungry :(. Stampy and Squid played first and Stampy won. He says bye and ends the episode.

Video Edit

Minecraft Xbox- My New Shop [104]

Minecraft Xbox - My New Shop 104

Minecraft Xbox - My New Shop 104

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