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Movie Magic

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Movie Magic is a building made inside Stampy's Lovely World. It is Stampy's Cinema where he shows his films to his helpers

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The cinema is made out mostly of black and purple wool. From the front, there is a ticket booth in the middle with two doors beside it, and an "MM" (short for Movie Magic) sign above. Behind the ticket booth is a ladder which leads to the projector room where the film is being projected. There is also a lever in a corner which will be explained later.

The inside is a large room filled with seats heading upward and a screen covered with a "curtain" made out of red concrete powder (originally sand and gravel since red concrete powder did not exist by the time it was built) which can be removed by a mechanism. It works by having the lever all the way from the projector room that when it switched on, a set of pistons will move causing the sand and gravel to break because of a row of torches and are collected by a set of hoppers all leading to a chest. It takes a while to assemble the curtain so Stampy doesn't use the Cinema an awful lot, however he did show 4 different movies inside the Cinema.

Movies played inside the cinema Edit

Image Title Premiere date
30th July 2016
Block of the Dead
Block Of The Dead
31st October 2017
What is this
What is This?
Beyond the Blocks
Beyond The Blocks: Far From Lovely
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