Mole Hole is a mini-game in the Funland

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This game is set on a former part of a mountain range which will be blown up soon to build more games. On the outside, it is just brown wool acting like a big hole just dug up, but on the inside, it has many actual holes in the ground surrounded by brown wool which acts as mud. These holes can be accessed by a tunnel system underground with iron doors with them to trap the player inside the hole. The center of the game is the mole mound, where the other players will spot the person hiding. Inside the chest are normal bows and arrows, which is needed for the game.

Game MechanicsEdit

The aim of the game is the player who spots the "mole" first. A player has to go down the tunnel system and choose which hole he/she will be hiding in. The rest will be in the mole mound and must armed themselves with a bow and an arrow. Once the game starts, the players must spot the "mole" hiding in one of the holes. To reveal the "mole", the players must shoot their arrow into the pressure plate near it. But be careful, once you miss the target or shoot one of your players, its your go no more and you need to wait until someone shoots the pressure plate. The player who reveals the "mole" first declares the winner and gets to be the "mole" next.

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