First Appearance: Completed Theatre (41)
Last Appearance: Desert Drop (297)
Username: Miss MCXBLA
Nicknames: Chloe

Epic Big C

Gallery: Miss MCXBLA
Xx Wreckers xX, also known as Miss MCXBLA, EPIC BIG C or Chloe is a player in Stampy's Lovely World who is a Minecraft Helper in early videos. She then slowly came back recently. Her known skin is a cape and silver skin. She is also known as: Miss Minecraft Xbox Live Arcade, EPIC BIG C and Xx Wreckers xX


Chloe's gamertag is Xx Wreckers xX. She had a xbox 360 and her gamertag was Xx Wreckers xX then she got a new xbox 360 for her birthday and her gamertag was EPIC BIG C and then she changed her EPIC BIG C xbox account to Miss MCXBLA and recently has changed back to her old xbox with the account name xX Wreckers xX


Trivia Edit

  • Her current Xbox gamer tag is 'AyyChlo'.
  • Her first video in Stampy's Lovely World was in Ep. 41 when her gamertag was EPIC BIG C.
  • Her twitter is @craypoi
  • Chloe was born on September 20th, 2000.
  • During Doggy Hockey, she changed her skin.
  • She enjoys reading, writing, drawing and gaming.
  • She also joined in this wiki and found out that she's real after gave proof.
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