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Minecraft Xbox - Milk Dash 161

Minecraft Xbox - Milk Dash 161


Milk Bar




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Milk Bar

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Milk Dash, Crazy Cow

Milk Bar is a bar where you can get free milk. It was built on Episode 159 to 161, Milk Bar - Milk Dash. The only thing that they serve is milk.

History Edit

The bar was planned for construction with the help of Stampy's helpers in the episode, "Milk Bar". The Milk Bar was Stampy's idea. Its purpose is that is used as a restaurant and a bar. Its other purpose is that they only serve dairy products or only milk. In the episode, Milk Bar, they first built the walls and the entrance roof. Later, they built the inside which was the floor design, tables, chairs, and the bar counter. 

In the next episode, "Crazy Cow", they were able to finish the whole roof and the interior of it. It includes the contents of it like the brewing stand, etc. They were also able to finish the crazy cow design above the counter.

In the next episode, "Milk Dash", they went to the back side of the bar to create a mini-game which is "Milk Dash". Stampy and his helpers built the whole mini-game in the same episode. After the construction, they played Milk Dash. At the end, Stampy won. He then drinks milk in the Milk Bar.

Appearance Edit

At the outside, it is made out of spruce wood, birch wood, white wool, and stone bricks. In the inside, the stand/bar counter is made out of birch wood and has a face of a cow's eyes. One is looking at the left ad the other one is at the downer right direction. It has pistons has the chairs in front of the bar counter. It also has birch wooden staircases and wooden signs as the rest of the chairs, stone bricks as the tables, and torches as the light. Behind the bar counter, contains bookshelves for recipe books, treasure chest as its storage of food, and the brewing stand for making drinks.

Employees Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Lee became the employee of the month
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