Melon Tree
Episode 121
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Melon Tree is the 121th episode of Stampy's Lovely World Episodes.

Plot Edit

Stampy goes to his balcony and greets us. Lee comes out of the painting and gives Stampy a cake. Stampy eats the cake and goes to the Love Garden and adds Jenna Szczepaniak. Stampy and Lee then goes to the upper floor and goes to the roof to view the Melon Tree. He plans to go down by diving into the lake below his house but was shot by a skeleton but was later killed by him and Lee. Liamardo appears while Stampy goes to the Doghouse and picks Bengy to take him along with him for the rest of the episode. He comes closer to the Melon Tree and shows melons and the glowstones. They later came up to the top of the tree and shows what it looks like at the top. He then goes down under the tree meeting up with Lee and Liamardo who are ready for mining. He goes up and gets some glowstone powder, glowstones, and melons to craft the powder into glowstones. He gets dirt and used it to go on top of the tree to place the melons and glowstones. He again goes down the tree and starts building the minecart ride. While he builds the minecart ride,he gives Bengy a prokchop. They take a break and went to Longbow's house to have a melon moment. Stampy placed wooden stairs for chairs and wooden blocks for table and Stampy puts 4 melons on top of it. Stampy breaks the melons and shared the melons to Bengy, Lee, Liamardo, and for himself. He says bye while thanking Lee and Liamardo for the big help for the tree train. He ends the episode.

Video Edit

Minecraft Xbox- Melon Tree [121]

Minecraft Xbox - Melon Tree 121

Minecraft Xbox - Melon Tree 121

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