Melon Moment (episode)
Episode 136
Melon Moment
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Melon Moment is the 136th episode inside of Stampy's Lovely World.


Stampy goes to his balcony and greets us. He goes to the painting but Lee's head is above the fire in the painting and Lee gives Stampy an apple. Then Lee gives Stampy a cake and another apple on top of the cake. Stampy eats both the cake and apple and goes to the Love Garden and adds Charlie Badboy. He goes to the Doghouse and picks Fluffy to take along with him for the rest of the episode. He then goes to the Sheep pen and collects lime and red wool from the sheep. He then goes to the next which is the Cow pen and he kills 2 cows and make the other 2 cows breed. He goes underground to the mushroom farm and collects some brown mushrooms and red mushrooms. He then goes to his garden and harvest nether warts, cacti, wheat, pumpkins, sugar canes, and melons. After that, they proceed to build the Food Stand. In the middle of building, it starts to turn night so Stampy and the others slept and they continued the construction. They finished the construction. They grabbed some food and ate. Stampy ate melons, Lee ate apples, and Ank ate also apples. Stampy says bye and ends the episode.

Video Edit

Minecraft Xbox- Melon Moment [136]

Minecraft Xbox - Melon Moment 136-0

Minecraft Xbox - Melon Moment 136-0

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