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Melon Moment (episode)

Melon Moments is a building in Stampy's Lovely World.


The building is a stall set in the row of shops outside Stampy's Home. It is largely made of coloured wool, and has a dipping market-style shelter over most of the area. There are lots of different fruits on offer, but one stands out from the rest: one gives the stall it's name: melons. A breakfast bar style seating area is just outside the stall, and a dodgy looking bloke who has had far too much time in the sun runs the establishment.


The stall serves has a place to get food, but primarilly a place to get melons. When everyone has got a melon, they can sit down and eat it to take a break from the hustle and bustle of building and running around.


  • It was built in November 2013.
  • It has an episode named after it ('Melon Moment') which is Episode 136.
  • If you eat a melon, either at the stand or elsewhere, you are said to be having a 'Melon Moment', hence the stand's name.


Minecraft Xbox- Melon Moment [136]

Minecraft Xbox - Melon Moment 136

Minecraft Xbox - Melon Moment 136


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