Melanie Candy
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Melanie Candy with Stampy in Operation Build Tardis.
First Appearance: My Mine (21)
Last Appearance: Inside the Tardis (37)
Username: TrunkyBigSnake / Melanie Candy
Nicknames: Mel
Gallery: Melanie Candy Gallery
Melanie Candy is a Minecraft player that used to be joined by Stampy and is also his ex-girlfriend.

Association with Stampy

Stampy and Melanie used to go out but later broke up. It even has a video where Stampy tells his fans that he and Melanie broke up. Stampy and Melanie used to make videos together like when they built a tardis in their own world and they also toured Bread Stick's world together. However, Melanie Candy had never appeared in Stampy's Lovely World.

2 years after, Stampy dated Sqaishey Quack.



  • That was not seen in any Lovely World episodes.

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