Maze Master is a game in the Funland.


As we see in the episodes featuring this game, we've thought it is an easy game at first. Actually these are hard, because they are invisible walls because the orange and blue carpets are put on fence gates. There is also ladders at the center not only to announce the winner of the round, but also to get out so that the players will not be trapped inside. There is also a glass roof to maintain the theme of "invisible walls" and as a specatator area so the "Maze Master" can see the other players playing. There is also a basement which is only used for the Maze Master to open or close fence gates to remove or make the invisible walls, respectively.


This is a race game which requires 3 or more players. One player must be the Maze Master and open some fence gates at the bottom of the play area to make it like a maze. The game starts when the Maze Master is okay and ready for play. The other players must try and pass the maze until they get to the center and whoever gets to the center first is the winner.

Maze Master
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