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Luna is a female dog in Stampy's Lovely World.

Early Life Edit

Luna was born on the Christmas Special (Episode 261) to Barnaby and Flippy. Barnaby was fed a porkchop and Flippy was fed the Christmas Dinner and they had a pup named Luna with a pink collar. In the Dog Assault Course, she got second place with 38 seconds, which is tied with Sherbet.

Broth Battle MishapEdit

During the creation of the Broth Battle minigame, Luna was almost killed in the fire beneath the Broth Brawl pot. She was saved by Lee. Stampy did not bring a dog with him for Broth Battle after that.


  • Luna was named after Stampy's Lunar Friends, when Stampy was saved by them during Hit the Target trying to kill him.
  • Luna is the second dog to be born on Christmas, as the first one was Chicken.
    • Since Stampy brought Barnaby with him to the Christmas party in Christmas Day, there is a 1/2 chance that Luna is related to Chicken.
  • Luna's parents, Barnaby and Flippy are the two oldest dogs in Stampy’s Lovely World.
  • Luna is currently the youngest dog in Stampy's Lovely World.
  • Luna is the third dog to have been born from two existing dogs, the first being Chicken and the second being Sherbet.
  • Luna was going to be chosen to come with Stampy in Episode 289, Jousting, but when Stampy cut the filming of the episode, Gregory Jr. was chosen instead. This was revealed in the Take 1 Video of the episode.
  • Her job at Lovely Inc. is to be the Love Gardener, maintaining the Love Garden, both the above and upside down. Her office was built in Love Gardener, Episode 521.
  • She is the only dog to have a dyed collar for almost her whole life.
  • In the episode, Secret Stories, Luna was thought to turn into a human during a full moon.
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