'Lion Cub Park' were a series of videos in which Stampy tours a theme park called 'Lion Cub Park'. It has been turned in private (making the viewers unable to watch the videos) by Stampy for unknown reasons, but it is assumed that it was done for not wanting to be associated with LionMaker from the allegations he faced in 2016.

Description[edit | edit source]

The series is set inside of Minecraft, and features both Stampy and Squid's commentary. There are 10 videos in total in the series, and like most tours of worlds, ends with a flyover.

They are shown round by 'Lionmaker' (who does not talk at any point) who is also the main builder, however there are many other people who contributed to the making of the map, including WeeWeeGaming. These people are credited throughout the series.

Playlist[edit | edit source]

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