Let's Talk is a YouTube vlogging series in the Stampylongnose channel hosted by Joseph Garrett (Stampy). It features him discussing different psychological issues viewers may have to deal with and is Stampy's guide to solving them. It also features discussing some of Stampy's events to let know to his viewers, or even his opinions in certain events more centered in Minecraft.

History Edit

The series was created since Stampy separated his YouTube life to his real-life, meaning that his real-life is put in private, but he realized that he needed a space to talk more personally to his viewers. He wanted to be more open to his subscribers and fans and talk about different stuff.

The first episode of Let's Talk was uploaded on YouTube on 17th December 2015 in the MagicAnimalClub channel and was originally designed to be a series between both Stampy and Squid. However, on 13th March 2016, as part of the MAC remodeling, he moved the series and the rest of his content to his current side-channel, Stampylongnose.

Episodes Edit

MagicAnimalClub Edit

#1 Episode Release date
1 A New Series 17th December 2015
2 Confidence 20th December 2015
3 Bullying2 4th January 2016
4 Online Safety 11th January 2016
5 Why I Play Minecraft on Console 20th January 2016
6 How Can I Get More Views on Youtube? 17th February 2016
7 It's A Small World3 6th March 2016
8 The Magic Animal Club 13th March 2016

Stampylongnose Edit

#1 Episode Release date
9 Hate Comments 13th March 2016
10 Family-Friendly Youtubers 24th March 2016
11 What Upsets Me Most4 1st April 2016
12 You Can't Please Everyone 11th April 2016
13 Making Friends 16th April 2016
14 Fake Stampys 4th May 2016
15 Happiness5 11th May 2016
16 Trends 26th May 2016
17 Wonder Quest 2nd July 2016
18 Getting Ideas 16th July 2016
19 Gaming/Youtube Events 27th August 2016
20 Roblox Vs Minecraft 21st October 2016
21 Is My Channel Dying? 11th March 2017
22 Questions and Answers - Episode 1 14th April 2017
23 Questions and Answers - Episode 2 29th April 2017
24 The Future Of My Channel 9th May 2017
25 How Minecraft Is Changing 12th June 2017
26 Minecon: Earth & Official Community Events 8th August 2017
27 Better Together Update on Xbox 25th August 2017
28 Minecraft: The Island 23rd September 2017
29 Sony, Cross-Play + The Better Together Update 30th September 2017
30 Questions and Answers - Episode 3 14th October 2017
31 What I Think Now - Better Together Update 21st October 2017
32 It's Personal 15th November 2017
33 The Truth About My Lovely World 21st March 2018
34 Lovely World Issue 3rd May 2018
35 Questions and Answers - Episode 4 6th June 2018
36 Wild Rescuers - Book Review 21st June 2018
37 Good And Bad News 6th August 2018

1 - Not numbered in the actual videos
2 - This episode came from Squid's point of view
3 - This episode was recorded in San Francisco, USA
4 - April 1st Video
5 - This episode was recorded in Italy

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