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Let's Cress

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8th March 2016



Let's Cress is the third channel made by Joseph Garrett. This channel is used to show "cress" (plants) to the viewers. It currently has over 76,200 Subscribers and 1,913,971 views (as of 11th February, 2021). The logo shows a picture of his real face around green cress.

History[edit | edit source]

It was started as a joke in a Quest episode where Stampy mispronounced the word "quest" with "cress". With this, Stampy said about creating a channel entirely dedicated to cress as a joke, but his idea later became a reality.

The channel was created on the 8th of March 2016, and the first video was uploaded five days later. There is no consistent schedule for uploading Cress videos. The first seven videos of Let's Cress were uploaded in that year, while the rest of the videos were uploaded in 2018.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

#1 Episode Release date
1 My Cress Clay Pig 13th March 2016
2 Japanese Cress 14th March 2016
3 What Grows Best?! 19th March 2016
4 Easter Special 27th March 2016
5 Star Wars 2nd April 2016
6 My Mushroom 12th April 2016
7 Johnsons Growing Kit Little Gardner's Indoor Cress Garden - Review! 2nd May 2016
8 “Will It Grow Inside Of This Thing?” - Lunchable2 27th April 2018
9 What Is Cress? 27th May 2018
10 Grass Vs Cress - The Ultimate Little Man Showdown 4th July 2018
11 The World's Funniest Cress Item 25th July 2018
12 Dan TDM Exposed - Dan TDM HATES CRESS - Cress News + other stories3 12nd Aug 2018
13 Lets Cress - Watching Cress Grow For 1 Hour! 26 Aug 2018


  • 1 - Not numbered in the actual videos
  • 2 - Previously un-aired episode due to its “historical significance”
  • 3 - Created with Dan's permission
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