Leaky Tap is a minigame in Stampy's Funland.

Leaky Tap

Leaky Tap




Stampy's Funland

First Appearance

Big Bath

History Edit

Leaky Tap is a minigame that was under construction in the episodes Big Bath and Speedy Spout. The first ever tournament was in the episode Leaky Tap. The game relies on the fact that minecarts can be destroyed by arrows.

Appearance Edit

The game features a big bathtub filled with water (only a block deep). Below the water is a dispenser where it dispenses minecarts as well as a dropper with all the blue wool in. Beside it is a large tap where the minecarts will go through. Inside of the large tower is a minecart track where the minecarts will be going upwards to the tap. In front of the tub is a plunger where the player will play through a round of the game.

Mechanics Edit

The player must stand on the top of the plunger where they will play. Another player must dispense the minecarts. Once a minecart falls from the tap, the player on the plunger must try to shoot it with a bow and arrows. It's very simple, but the tricky and panicky thing is, when the player misses the shot, a blue wool is transferred to a chest to record how many attempts the player has to try to shoot the minecart. Because of this, the player has to be fast and has to focus and try to time when he/she will shoot to the minecart. The player with the least number of points is declared the winner.

Appearances Edit

  • Big Bath
  • Speedy Spout
  • Leaky Tap

Trivia Edit

  • This mnigame marks the first build in Stampy's Lovely World that Polly Reindeer participated in.
  • In the tournament, Polly won, marking the first time she has won a minigame.
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