Kitty Cat Condo
Kitty Cat Condo

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The Kitty Cat Condo is a building in Stampy's Lovely World. It is the home of Stampy's only cat, Mittens.


Set just outside Stampy's Lovely Home sits an aritificial birch tree. Upon closer inspection it is revealed that a brick cottage sits among the leaves, accessible by a ladder up the trunk. As you gingerly enter the door, you are greeted by a cozy wooden abode, complete with a fridge, chests, tables, seats, windows and even a small upstairs bedroom. You also notice a tiny balcony leading out into the tides below, similar to that which leads off of Stampy's bedroom not too far away. It also serves as the diving board where Stampy and Mittens can jump into the water.

Of course, there is someone living in this household. If you hunt around long enough you are sure to find a small black kitten, who likes to be called her full name 'Mittens'. You can find her in many places around the condo. Her favourite spots include the chest, her bed and perhaps the balcony. You may find Duncan having a chat with Mittens at the table. Mittens is the proud owner of this house, which boasts splendid views of the water, the Soggy Sandwich (where Mittens and Duncan once had a romantic sunset meal), Stampy's house and a mountainous view of the Funland in the distance. A sight to behold indeed.


As mentioned above, this is indeed the house of Mittens. It exists primarily because the only other alternatives are Stampy's house or the Dog House for kittens to live. Unfortunatly though, there isn't a room vacant for Mittens in Stampy's house, and it is a Dog House after all, so the only other option was to build a house from scratch (get it, cats scratch at furniture... no? Ok.) Since cats supposedly always land on two feet, what better place than in a tree. And that is what it is: A treehouse for Mittens the cat. 


  • It will be likely Duncan (Stampy's dog) will move to the Kitty Cat Condo. 
  • It is also very likely that Mittens will be the only cat living in the Kitty Cat Condo. 


  • One of the floors of the condo.
  • Appearance of the inner condo
  • Appearance of the outer condo
  • Kitty Cat Condo Balcony
  • Kitty Cat Condo Bedroom

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