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Joseph Mark Garrett




Stampy Cat




13th December 1990


Bethany Bates (m. 2019)



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3rd August 2006



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Joseph Mark Garrett, commonly known by his online alias, StampyStampylongnose or Stampylongheadis an English Video Commentator, Gamer and Author. His personality was known mainly for playing Stampylonghead.

Personal Life

Joseph was born on December 13, 1990 (age 27-28), and lived in Havant, Hampshire, England. His father is a graphics artist, who later contributed for Stampy's artwork for the channel, merchandise and the upcoming novel series. His stay-at-home mother became a moderator in his social media pages. He has two older sisters, one who is also a graphics artist that works with his dad, and Annette, who runs a YouTube channel of her own. He is married with fellow gamer and YouTuber Bethany Bates.


Before Fame

He created his first channel Stampylongnose when Let's Plays were first becoming popular and left his job at a pub to create videos full time.


Garrett created his first Youtube channel,Stampylongnose , on August 3rd 2006. He got the name from an animation he had made which a character 'Stampylonghead'.

He used the channel for uploading silly, real-life videos with his friends. He also spent hours making stop-motion films and animations.

Once he left school, he did video production courses in both college and university. The channel then became home to work projects that he helped create or acted in.

After watching video gameplay on Youtube, which had just started to become popular, Garrett recorded gameplay commentaries. Starting off with Call of Duty, then moving onto Halo, he soon realised he was boring to listen to and did not feel comfortable talking to himself.

Garrett was approached by a company called 'GamesThirst' to create a review of a new game. They seemed pleased with the outcome, and 'hired' him to create more videos on their behalf. Garrett began to realize he was getting more and more skilled at commentating on games.

The final months of university began to take up a lot of Garrett's free time, and thus he announced that he no longer had time to make gameplay videos. However, to compensate, he created a new channel called Stampylonghead in which he uploaded let's-play videos just for fun, which took far less time and far less effort.

Garrett then downloaded Minecraft for the Xbox. He recorded every step of the way from the moment he set foot in a brand new world, entitled himself as Stampy's Lovely World. His audience then began to grow rapidly, and with the addition of Stampy's Love Garden he was able to communicate with them and thank them in better ways. He knew that Minecraft was a perfect mix of his passions of storytelling, video gaming, and video filming.

In January 2013, Garrett met a person known as David Spencer (playing as the character 'iBallisticSquid' in Minecraft). They planned to do only a couple of videos together, but quickly became close friends both in and out of videos. They are now
Stampy Recording Sign

Stampy doing his tour of his Gaming Setup in 2013

seen as a duo, and formed their own joint channel, 'The Magic Animal Club'.

In 2014, he met another person known as Bethany Bates (playing as the character SqaisheyQuack in Minecraft). Their friendship grew quickly as they made videos across both of their channels, and their relationship also grew too. They moved to a new house together, and they currently own two pets, Ori (a cat) and Alyx (a dog). In July 2018, the two were finally engaged and got married a year later.

Near the end of 2014, Maker Studios (a Disney subsidiary) and Garrett announced their partnership, wherein an edutainment series will be created, as well as a website, an app for both iOS and Android, and a merchandise shop for the United States (no longer active). The edutainment series, later called Wonder Quest, premiered on YouTube on 25th April 2015. In this series, Stampy and his new friend Wizard Keen (voiced by Adam Clarke) protect their town of Wonderberg and set many adventures. Alongside Wonder Quest is a series named I Wonder, which are short educational videos which features an animated version of Stampy.

Garrett has received nominations on The Game Awards, Streamy Awards, Golden Joystick Awards and Kids' Choice Awards.

In early 2015, his current channel reached 5 Million Subscribers.

Today, his channel consists of Let's Plays (video game commentaries with gameplay) of different games, including Minecraft, as well as live-action series on both of his active channels.

Other projects


In September 2015, Garrett has made a deal with Egmont, a publisher of children's books and magazines in the UK, to publish two books under the Stampy brand. The first book, Stampy's Lovely Book, was released on 22nd October 2015, while the second book, Stick with Stampy!, was released on 18th July 2016.

In August 2018, Garrett announced that he is working on his novel series. A series of videos dedicated to the novel series' development, Book Diary, soon premiered after. He occasionally posts updates on the novel series' progress on his Twitter account.

Guinness World Records

Stampy collaborated with Guinness World Records on 3rd April 2018 when he visited their headquarters in London. During his visit, he set his world record for the "Fastest time to make and display 10 cakes in Minecraft (PC edition)", in which he succeeded with the time of 3 minutes and 51 seconds. He also holds another world record for "Most viewed Terraria video" (pointing out to the first episode of the series) with 9,593,008 views as of 24th April. He also wrote the introduction for GWR Gamer's Edition 2019.[1][2]


  • Garrett went to Southampton Solent University and lives in Hampshire in the UK.
  • Garrett signed a deal with Disney-owned 'Maker Studios' and has launched a series of educational videos called 'Wonder Quest', which aims to teach various subjects using Minecraft
    Garret 2

    Garrett posing for a newspaper picture

    and his character, Stampy.
  • Garrett has a Degree in Film.
  • His father's name was unknown, but somewhat nicknamed himself as Stampy Dad. His mother's name is named Katherine (revealed in Good Mythical MORE episode, Corn Dogs with Stampycat).
    • StampyDad is known for creating the prominent "Mr Stampy Cat" logo, and for creating the illustrations that will be featured in the upcoming novel series.
  • His sister is Netty. She also runs her own YouTube channel NettyPlays.
  • He verified how he met his wife Sqaishey in an episode of Ear Biscuits.[3]
  • It was revealed in the Ear Biscuits Podcast that he has two sisters, instead of one.[4]
  • He was hired by GamesThirst after posting a review about a game called Homefront for them. In 2014, he and Maker Studios announced a partnership to launch an educational YouTube channel.
  • As of January 2014, his channel was the 4th most viewed on YouTube behind other YouTubers such as Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie).
    • In 2014, Garrett's was one of the ten most watched YouTube channels in the world.
  • He visited the Stampylongnose Wiki once, as said by Stampy himself on Twitter.[5]
  • He has been featured on several television programs with CBBC and Disney.


Film/Project Role Notes
Wonder Quest Stampylongnose Lead Role
Meet Me At The Reck Supporting Role/Guest, Episode: Cat on Black
BBC Breakfast Himself Guest
Good Morning Britain
Appsolute Genius with Dick and Dom Guest, Commentator during Dick and Dom's platforming race
Good Mythical Morning Guest, Episode: Ultimate Minecraft Challenge ft. Stampy Cat
Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything Guest, Episode: Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Anything
Fun Kids Radio Guest
Diddy TV Guest, Episode: Angel


Film/Project Platform Role Notes
Stampy's Lovely Podcast iTunes Himself Host
The Shaft Guest, Episode 143
The Daily Cheat Guest, Episode 15
Ear Biscuits iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube Guest
Magic Animal Club Podcast YouTube, SoundCloud Co-host

Video games

Year Game Role Notes
2016 Minecraft: Story Mode Stampy Cat Guest, Episode 6: A Portal to Mystery
2017 Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 Guest


Year Ceremony Award Status
2014 The Game Awards Trending Gamer Nominated
Streamy Awards, 4th Edition Gaming Award
2015 Kids' Choice Awards UK Favourite Tipster
Streamy Awards, 5th Edition Gaming Award
Golden Joystick Awards Gaming Personality
2016 Kids' Choice Awards UK Favourite Tipster


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