The hospital is located behind the stretch of shops and it is next the Pretty Kitty spa. The exterior features a sheltered area with the traditional cross. Inside there are 4 rooms: one is where the patient can sit (actually in the game there is a bed where they can lie down) and the doctor will know what is the prescribed step to feel them well again; a room where zombie villagers are turned into villagers again; a room where you can relax when you are set on fire or burns; and a brewing stand with the doctor's medical wear.

The hospital is made almost completely out of nether quartz blocks, pillars, and chiseled quartz. It features a red cross on the entrance to mark that it is a hospital.


The hall floor is made out of red wool. Each of the rooms has a different floor. The floors are blue, green, cyan and one room features a quartz pattern, courtesy of Lee.


The rooms in the hospital are:

Feeling Fab Med Lab - This is the room where all the medicine is made. This is the room which has the quartz floor. There are brewing stands, a cauldron, a crafting table and a chest with potion ingredients. Stampy also keeps his lab coat in there.

Can't Be Missed Therapist- This is the room where you can 'talk about your feelings'. It has a cyan floor. It has a bed (meant to represent a chaise lounge) and a 'chair' in it. The walls are decorated with large paintings.

Not All Bad Zombie Lab - This is the room where zombie villagers are cured. It has a green floor. A glass wall separates the 'containment' area from the doctors. Stampy built a piston door to trap the zombie and a simple redstone line so that the door closes by a lever, the zombie would be splashed with a weakness potion. A chest in the room contains golden apples. 

Feeling Nice Healing Ice- This a room full of ice and water. It is meant to cure burns. Stampy recommends taking a trip to the room after going to the Nether. As you can tell, it is very cold.


  • Lee was the first one to be 'treated' in the Can't Be Missed Theraphist Room by Doctor Stampy. He was prescribed plenty of cake.
  • Stampy found a zombie villager in the Pick-A-Pet Pet Shop in Googlie Goods. The zombie was being cured but however, Stampy and Lee were too far away and the zombie/villager disappeared (probably despawned). 
  • The first Zombie Villager to be cured is Harrison followed by Harriet.
  • The people who built this place are only Stampy and Lee.

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Minecraft Xbox- Hospital [193]

Minecraft Xbox - Hospital 193

Minecraft Xbox - Hospital 193

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