Horsing Around
Episode 400
Release Date April 13, 2016
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Fizzy Elephant
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Horsing Around is the 400th episode in Stampy's Lovely World.

Synopsis Edit

Stampy attempts to tour the world but got interrupted by Hit the Target and Veeva Dash.

Plot Edit

In this episode Stampy decided to give a tour of what he had done over the last 100 episodes. He first ate cake and went to the Love Garden to add Giddybarley3306 for making a replica of his bedroom. He then started the tour in his old shelter which became William Beaver's home. He then toured to us his guest room which was decorated by Sqaishey. He travelled up Music Tower and show Fizzy Elephant's home, but he happened to meet Fizzy. He travelled up the balcony to see an overview of his Lovely World, but he saw two people down the house, soon to be realizing that it was Hit the Target and Veeva Dash.

Stampy went all the way down and attacked HTT and Veeva, who were near Stampys house entrance, from one of the farms using his bow and Fizzy attacks using eggs, HTT has some of Stampys dogs. Stampy tried to sneak around his house but was seen by HTT and VD poisoned him, Stampy fleed to the dog house were his health depletes to half a heart. Fizzy giave Stampy some milk and ran off and was seen being attacked by Veeva Dash. However Stampy cannot help because one good hit from HTT, who is watching Stampy, will kill him. Also HTT, with his horse, climbed up onto the Soggy Sandwich. Stampys then decided to attack with Harry the horse. HTT jumped down and a huge horse race/battle begins. Harry jumps into water and Stampy has to continue the chase on foot, luckly Fizzy Elephant shook off Veeva and ties HTT's horse to the fence of the Soggy sandwich, trapping HTT. However he jumped into a boat and made a dramatic escape.

He said he had no point in touring the world. He said he would eventually tour the world in the future. He then ended the video.

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Video Edit

Minecraft Xbox - Horsing Around -400-

Minecraft Xbox - Horsing Around -400-

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