"Your dogs will be mine!"
— Hit the Target
Hit the Target

(Top) Hit the Target after he became evil.
(Below) Hit the Target as a helper.
First Appearance: My Lovely Tower
Last Appearance: Christmas Rescue
Username: HitTheTarget98
Nicknames: N/A
Gallery: Hit the Target

Not to be confused with Hit The Targets. Edit

HitTheTarget98 (often shortened to 'Hit the Target' or 'HTT') is a re-occurring villain, and one of the antagonists inside of Stampy's Lovely World. He also serves as the main antagonist of Stampy's Let's Plays. Despite his now infamous stereotype of being a antagonistic villain, he was introduced to the series as a regular Minecraft Helper. It happened somewhat by an accident.

Hit the Target used to be mean and nasty, but he does not play Minecraft anymore. Now it is usually one of Stampy's helpers, dressed up as Hit the Target.

It was only when his hidden base was found that the truth about Hit The Target would be revealed...

Personality Edit

Hit the Target at first, was just a helpful and friendly helper towards Stampy. He was Stampy's friend. He would insist on any command that was ordered by Stampy. He appeared in some of his early videos, completely harmless. He didn't act as a complete threat towards the others. He is an amicable, and outgoing Minecraft helper.

As episodes passed, Hit the Target's attitude slowly becoming bad. He used name insults towards Stampy. He acts 'nice' a little to the other helpers excluding Stampy. In later episodes, he acted bad and selfish. He became Stampy's enemy in the rest of Stampy's episodes. He appeared as a hidden cameo in some videos. He also appeared in evil battle appearances. His attitude became worse. He started to steal Stampy's dogs and tried to 'take over the world'.

He tried to defeat Stampy but his plans were foiled. His personality in the current episodes, is now very antagonistic, strong, selfish, and a coward. His personality was hugely changed, making his old personality from outgoing, friendly, and helpful, into a misanthrope one.

Skin Edit

Debut Skin Edit

His skin before, is a simple Steve skin. A Steve skin with a black tuxedo with a tiny rose clipped to the chest above his tuxedo. He had black sleeves, inside with white one. The skin has a tan skin, with a simple, short, and brown hair. His shoes were colored with light grey.yeet

Current Skin Edit

His skin was also majorly changed. It has a very antagonistic face with a light grey, long end mustache. He has a yellow tunic/'crown shaped' placed on his head ending on his shoulders. He has grayish green skin like a zombies. He has a red robe with patterned light red stripes. It is tied with an reddish orange tie ribbon. His shoes are gradient from dark red at the top until light red at the bottom. He also has gradient red gloves below his red robe.

Appearances Edit

My Lovely Tower Edit

At the start of the video, Hit the Target build his own Lava Room. Later he refuses to go to bed and writes a sign next to Stampy that says: "loser". The next day, he briefly helps Ank and Agent Cal build a bridge to the spawn area but returns to the Lava Room. 'BALLS' leave signs for Stampy. The signs tell him to sacrifice leather and feathers to Snowy the Dog. Throughout the video, Stampy is planting in his garden Community World as Stampy started his video.

Unexpected Drama Edit

During Unexpected Drama, he wants to take over the world but Bubbachub informs Stampy. He, together with his helpers and dogs Tikka, Oreo and Lucky, they try to attack Hit the Target while he tries to take them all out. Stampy successfully kills Hit the Target after a chase, but Lucky burns from the villain, causing his death. BreadStick also died from many of Hit the Target's arrow shots.

Revelation Edit

Stampy goes to the Nether to gather up supplies for his Nether Wart Farm. He finds Hit the Target's Nether Fortress. Hit the Target tells Stampy he was trying to protect Stampy's dogs from being killed. Hit The Target becomes Stampy's friend and they have a cake. Stampy kills Hit The Target (who was a ghost) to make him alive. Stampy takes him to his Lovely World but he didn't appear as an assistant in future videos, meaning Hit the Target tricked Stampy to bring back him to life, to plan more attacks to Stampy, and to steal his dogs.

Gadgets Edit

He was briefly seen when Stampy viewed the footages from one of his security cameras.

The First Cake Edit

Stampy bakes the first cake in Stampy's Hot Buns, then goes on a search for his dogs. Barnaby, the only dog left in his Dog House, 'sniffs' the dogs out and Stampy realizes Hit the Target stole them. Hit the Target nearly kills Stampy but the Stampy from the future saves Stampy.

Cat to the Future Edit

After Stampy returned to the Lovely World 5 million years later, he saw Hit the Target guarding all his dogs and another Stampy who was inside a trap. He then realized that he was the future Stampy from “The First Cake” that saved the other Stampy and his dogs. He charged into Hit the Target, and went on a chase which ended up being at Hit the Target's house. Stampy successfully trapped him, and he ordered Hit the Target to surrender everything he had, and he led Hit the Target to be trapped by himself. After Stampy looked away from Hit the Target, the latter disappeared quickly, leaving Stampy clueless to where Hit the Target went to.

Ocean Adventure Edit

In this video, Stampy found out that he kidnapped his cat Mittens in a cage at his underground base. He freed themselves out, and chased Hit the Target again. He somewhat disappeared for unknown reasons.

Clone Calamity Edit

Stampy and Lee were building the Pretty Kitty spa when he spotted him (which was a clone) pushing one of his dogs. They chased him, and defeated. They didn't knew that he was the actual HTT. He was using the Cloning Contraption that they built not a while ago. They spotted more HTT's, good thing Lee cloned himself to help defeat him. At the end, he escaped and sadly the contraption destroyed.

Fight In Flight Edit

In the few previous videos we spotted a hot air balloon that was from HTT without Stampy noticing it.

Stampy and Lee were building the Beat the Heat Fire Station when Stampy had to go back to the his house to get black wool. While he was on his way, he just saw his dogs around, even in the trees. He now found out that HTT was operating the hot air balloon we noticed. He rode on his Hot Air Balloon to defeat him. They fought the medieval way, but when he fell down, he was rescued by a UFO that just appeared in the sky. After the fight, he went down to rescue Barnaby.

Ghost Stories Edit

He was seen on the end of the video with the Lunar Friends. By that time it was unknown if he's teaming up with them to try and do some evil stuff.

Christmas Rescue Edit

He appeared again when Stampy opened the third gift. The first two gifts were an arrow and a TNT, which he thought Choo Choo and IBallisticSquid gave it to him. He charged into HTT, and later found Lee trapped inside a cage while baking cakes. Stay freed him and the Lunar Friends came in to join the fight. They trapped him, and gave a bow to him to fight HTT. Another chase happened, but this time he escaped.

Egg Hunt Edit

He returns in this episode, when Stampy and Lee found out that there are doggy statues inside the Dog House to trick him, and thus, they were all gone except for Barnaby. They saw red and black flags in the Music Tower. He found out that HTT kidnapped them and taken there. They all went there and good thing they're all safe. They found and chased him to the Hotel of Dreams where he set up loads of TNT to explode the building. HTT was about to set off the TNT, but good thing the Easter Bunny showed up and removed the wiring. Stampy was distracted because of him, and once again, HTT escaped.

Sleepy Stampy Edit

After Stampy got gold to make clocks for his new shop, he suddnenly found a random cake. He ate it, not knowing that it has a potion effect for him to sleep. As he slept, Hit the Target takes him to his new fortress, and tries to drown him. However, Stampy didn't drowned, as he used the bucket inside the dispenser to bring himself up. They got into a chase but HTT rides in a boat. Stampy tries to hit him with a long-range shot from his arrow, but he escaped once again. Stampy goes back to the Dog House and he finds out that they are all safe, except for Barnaby. He goes back to the build site to find Barnaby, but he is missing; he was maybe kidnapped again by HTT. He goes back to Lee to have a new plan for finding him.

Hot Spot Edit

While Stampy was picking a dog for that episode, he found a ladder to an underground path inside the doggy hole. He went there while Lee guarded the Dog House for security. Stampy then founded a long, dark tunnel which then leads back to the fortress. He then goes up to a ladder, leading to a room where Barnaby currently is, but he was locked inside a cage surrounding with lava. He then spotted Hit the Target while going back up the ladder when he accidentally fell. HTT tries to put lava on the ladder, but Stampy goes up fast and safe to the cage room. He then goes back up again and he cannot make it on the other side because dispensers are shooting arrows to him so HTT will be protected. He managed to pass it, but HTT fell down into the room and got down the ladder. Before Stampy goes to him, he escaped Barnaby and the two carefully go down the ladder. They then go through the tunnel again, removing all the fire along the way. They managed to get back to the Dog House, but he spotted HTT outside that he is making fire to the house! He turns the fire alarm on, and Lee goes back to Stampy with his firefighter hat in. He also brought one for Stampy's along with buckets of water. They then managed to water out the fire. Stampy then realized that by making the front of the house on fire, HTT managed to escape again in a sneaky way. The starting hallway of the house and the Enchanting Room were destroyed by the fire, but he will repair all of it soon. The most important thing was the house and all of the dogs were safe, especially Barnaby.

Nightmares Edit

The 2nd nightmare, Hit The Target... The Evil Stampy Cat and Hit The Target tried for help but cannot be used for support!

Friends and Foes Edit

Hit the Target appeared in the fortress and he revealed her partner Veeva Dash which used to be a friend of Stampy. The both unleashed the Wither and became invincible afterwards thanks to the invincibility potion. Stampy and the new player (later revealed to be William Beaver) had managed to defeat it but both HTT and Veeva escaped.

Evil Plan Edit

Stampy thought Hit the Target and Veeva changed the way the Teleporter worked since he was transported into different traps. He saw both of them in the Secret Base with all of his dogs in it where they tried to teleport them into their fortress, however he broke the teleporter at the fortress, making them unable to teleport themselves there. It ended up with a chase where they both escaped after they splashed themselves with a swiftness potion and a slowness potion to Stampy.

Brain Wave Edit

Stampy discovered a Brain Wave Transmitter built at the top of the Lighthouse that Hit the Target and Veeva Dash built to control his helpers' brains to kidnap the dogs for them. He and Polly Reindeer ran back to the machine and Polly altered it, so Hit the Target and Veeva Dash would go to the Dog House and steal Stampy's dogs. They dug a pit so they can trap the both of them; however, they returned to normal state since the machine is solar-powered. Polly attacked them with her "Snowballs of Doom", causing them to run away.

Horsing Around Edit

Together, they attempt to bring all of Stampy's dogs to their fortress while Hit the Target was riding a horse. They saw Stampy and Fizzy Elephant, and they had a battle. Veeva Dash poisoned Stampy, causing him to take cover. Fizzy bravely went on a chase to make Veeva Dash attack him. Stampy rode on his horse, Harry, and chased Hit the Target and his horse. It is unknown what happened to Veeva Dash, but Hit the Target escaped with a boat after they were tangled up on the Soggy Sandwich by Fizzy. Stampy and Fizzy untangled the horse, and set him free.

I Can't Win Edit

As Stampy returned to the Fancy Pants with Henry and Hilda, he saw that someone changed the colour flags and the entrance to red and black wool. Stampy thought Hit the Target and Veeva Dash did this, so Stampy ran to their fortress to attack them. Both were inside the fortress while they were preparing for the attack. Stampy managed to hit Hit the Target, but Veeva Dash kept on throwing regeneration potions to him to keep him alive. Stampy took cover after he severely got hurt by the potions; however, Hit the Target chased him, so he decided to jump in the water. Without any idea on what to do to stop them, he dug straight ahead while Hit the Target continued to chase him. He ended up in a cave, but he managed to get out.

As both Stampy and Hit the Target got out of the cave, Veeva Dash joined in and they both chased Stampy; however, as they ran back to the Fancy Pants restaurant, Stampy made his dogs to attack both of them. They lost the battle and ran away. Stampy then ran to the bank and it was revealed that they broke inside and stole all the diamonds after he found a bunch of them inside a chest back at their fortress.

Coffee Cup Edit

Together, they attempt to bring all of Stampy's dogs to their fortress while being invisible. As Stampy went back to the Dog House, he thought that Hit the Target was the person he was chasing. Along the way, Veeva Dash splashed him with a slowness potion, and while she was trapped inside the gigantic cup, she revealed herself. Hit the Target came and knocked Stampy inside the cup, trapping him with Veeva Dash. She splashed a fire resistance potion to herself to escape, but Stampy got close to her and gained the potion powers and escape too. Veeva Dash then splashes an invisibility potion to herself and then to Hit the Target, Mittens, and some of the dogs. However, with the help of Fizzy Elephant, he threw cookies around the area to help Stampy track down both of them. Both of them lost the battle, and ran back to their fortress.

Revenge Edit

In the previous videos before this, a ship resembling a satellite was flying in the sky.

As soon as Stampy and Polly Reindeer finished building Polly's House, a red beam suddenly shot and destroyed her home. Stampy realized that this must have been a plan of Hit the Target and Veeva Dash to destroy his Lovely World. Stampy followed the laser ship when the red beam fired down and another place was destroyed. Stampy found no damage inside the Dog House, but found Squid's Room destroyed. He used his blocks to climb up to the laser ship, and found Hit the Target controlling the laser ship. They had a battle against each other, but Hit the Target jumped down. Stampy saw the opportunity to use the laser ship and destroy their fortress. He saw both Hit the Target and Veeva Dash running back to the fortress, but he went first and fired down the beam to destroy the fortress. He then jumped down to see the damage, but he was spotted by the duo. After a short fight together against him, they lost the battle and ran away.

Gate Crashes Edit

Together, they kidnapped Stampy's Minecraft Helpers while Stampy had his go on the elephant mini-game. Veeva Dash dressed up as William Beaver in his costume and led Stampy to their newly built fortress. She quickly escaped as Stampy got trapped inside the cage, and placed the costume that she wore in an armour stand to trick him that he caught her. Stampy managed to escape, but he was tricked by Veeva Dash. He ran back to Town to find his helpers, and he saw them trapped inside a cobblestone room guarded by Hit the Target. Since he had the costumes that Veeva Dash wore, he wore them to dress up as her and talked to Hit the Target; however, the real Veeva Dash appeared and together, they attacked him. She poisoned him, causing him to take cover. Stampy managed to find a pickaxe from one of his chests. He distracted the duo with a shot of an arrow to Stampy's Hot Buns, and he broke the trap to let his helpers escape. The four attacked the duo as they ran back to their fortress.

Memories Edit

Saving The World Edit

In the previous episodes, there were strange machines that let Stampy cut his voice.

As Stampy toured the Lovely Inc. skyscraper for the viewers, his voice cut off. He continued going up to see what's going on and Hit the Target appeared inside his room. Hit the Target finally shared his thoughts on Stampy after a long time thanks to the Remote Mind Vocalizers made by Veeva Dash. He thinks that Stampy does control on everything in his world without any distraction, and used his slaves to do everything he wanted, and his mission was to "save" the world, so he wanted to steal his dogs to finally create a dog army. If Stampy killed him, he would lose his voice forever. He then tasked Stampy to take his dogs and meet him again at the lobby.

Stampy got his voice back again, and he needed to think of a clever plan to stop him from happening all of those. He took all the dogs and met with Hit the Target downstairs. Stampy cut out his voice, and Hit spoke again and they all left the skyscraper. He activated the rest of the Remotes along the way as they walked to his fortress.

Along the way, they saw Fizzy Elephant playing and Hit the Target said that he was not evil after all. Stampy deactivated one of the Remotes and convinces Fizzy that Hit wanted to make an evil plan. Hit turned it on again, keeping Fizzy distracted. Stampy turned it off, and William Beaver and Polly Reindeer came to see what was happening. They all attacked Hit, making him run away.

They were all successful, and the helpers turned off the Remotes.

I Lost and Hero Helpers Edit

As Stampy steered his helicopter near their fortress, he saw Hit the Target activating a cannon that was used to shoot the helicopter. Hit the Target threaten him with his arrow, and led him to an elaborate trap: if he tried to escape, a tripwire would set up a piston to push Barnaby into a pit of lava, killing him. If Stampy tried to find another way out, he would be burned by the lava. He accepted defeat.

In the following episode, his helpers built a plan to trap Hit the Target and rescue Stampy. Meanwhile, Hit the Target came back and threatened him to shoot him with an arrow and he said that he was not afraid, but then Hit the Target threatened to do so with Barnaby, which got Stampy to stop his talking. Later, Hit the Target tempted Stampy for food with a steak, but ate it in front of him, much to his dismay. Later, when they heard of fireworks, Hit the Target came out and followed them, ending up falling down the trap set up by Stampy's helpers. They then came to rescue him. They destroyed the contraption. Stampy saved Barnaby, and he destroyed the cannon. However, as they came back to the trap, they found that Hit the Target escaped by swimming up the water. He also left a note saying: "This is not over. We will free this world."

Polly-Bot Edit

In Parkour Race, Polly Reindeer vanished throughout the video and she "re-appeared" towards the end of it. The new Polly had a different personality, and this was spotted by the viewers.

Hit the Target and Veeva Dash climbed up to the roof of the new fast food restaurant that Stampy is currently building, and poured lava. They were later seen by Stampy and he seeks refuge. They were seen again when they captured Stampy in their fortress. Stampy mind-controlled the Polly-Bot, so it will attack on the evil duo, causing them to run away.

Uninvited Guests Edit

Hit the Target and Veeva Dash created two robots of theirs that would fool Stampy. The robots, however, were destroyed as they smashed the face of the Clock Tower. They then appeared at the Dog House, trapping Stampy. Polly-bot entered the scene and scared the duo once again to run away.

Helpless Edit

As Veeva Dash agreed to help Stampy find Hit the Target and his dogs, they ran back to the Dog House from the fortress, where he was seen doing something suspicious. Stampy attacked him, but he escaped from the scene through the other door. As Stampy found the rest of his dogs, which turned out that they were hiding behind the vending machine, he realized that he used his spy parrot (the bird that was seen few episodes prior) to find out when he was gone, then he would hide the dogs behind the wall of the dog house. Stampy would then find the dogs and then trap him in the middle of the lava, so that Hit the Target can steal all the dogs for good.


Trivia Edit

  • In Crystal Waters, after Hit the Target's ghost is seen (who was in the episode) is burned to death. Some people say Hit the Target was the cause of his death.
  • In Stampy's Halloween Special, Lee dresses him self as Hit the Target. This makes Stampy scared and for a moment, he thought about getting a weapon out. This is repeated in Episode Stampy asks for the ad1n Stampy's other worlds.
  • Hit the Target loves cake. This was proven in Revelation.
  • As said by Stampy himself, Hit the Target is just as bad as Stampy when shooting arrows. This is proven in Ocean Adventure, Sinking Feeling, and Fight In Flight, as he constantly misses Stampy firing arrows.
  • When Hit the Target is about to lose ammo, he uses his dispensers to fight Stampy. This is seen during Sinking Feeling and Fight In Flight.
  • Traditionally, gamertags are always off for battles (except Unexpected Drama).
  • In Episode 228, Stampy named the video Hit The Targets, which confused the fans about Hit the Target appearing in the episode.
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