Hide And Seek
Episode 142
Hide and Seek
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Hide and Seek is the 142nd episode inside of Stampy's Lovely World.


Stampy wakes up and greets ZShoot2KillZ and Finba11 before heading to the Love Garden.There, he adds Maca212 for a video where she pretended to spend a day with Stampy. Then they head to the Doghouse, where he decides to take Duncan with him for the video. Stampy rides his Tree Train to the Funland, where he is building his Circus. He then looks at the music for the It's a Lovely World ride, before building the rest of the outside of the Circus. Then Stampy and his helpers start to build the inside of the Circus. Afterwords, they play hide and seek and ride the Creeper Coaster. Stampy then ends the video.



Minecraft Xbox - Hide And Seek 142

Minecraft Xbox - Hide And Seek 142

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