Harry Hops in Episode 506

Harry Hops is a minigame built inside the Funland.

Appearance Edit

This game was built after Stampy's horse, Harry, in which he also was used as inspiration for the game's design and gameplay. The walls are made out of white, light blue, and cyan wool, referencing to Harry's horse armour. There are also buckles made out of black, gray, and yellow wool, referencing to Harry's "buckles". These are made to keep the player in his/her designated area while playing as 1v3.

Inside, there are two platforms at both ends of the game: one is the starting point and the other is the goal point, which is raised up by 3 blocks. Between the platforms are yellow one-block platforms which are 3 blocks high, and 3 blocks apart from each other. There is also a pool of water underneath the yellow platforms which slows down the horse.

How to play Edit

For 1v1, here must be one player riding in the horse and another swimming in the pool of water. Once the game starts, the player riding in the horse must jump from platform to platform while avoiding the player in the pool. The other player must stop the opponent player by wearing a lead on the horse, preventing the opponent to jump to the next platform. There is also a point system which is applied when the player falls into the pool or land at the goal point: one point for the first area, two point for the second area, and so on, until five points for reaching the goal.

For 1v3, same rules apply, but the players in the pool must select their designated area to stay in. The three players must work together to stop the player riding in the horse, but their only limitation is not to go beyond their designated area marked by the lines of the buckles.

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