Harrison Hill
Harrison Hill

Shelter, Cottage


Up the hill. Beside the Love Garden



Built by

Stampy Cat
L for Lee x

First Appearance

Harrison Hill

Other Appearances

Harrison's Hangout, Surprise

Harrison Hill is an area in Stampy's Lovely World.


Before Harrison Hill, it was part of a huge mountain which Stampy and his friends destroyed it to make way for the Theatre. Then the remains of the mountain was a hill later called "Harrison Hill".

Shortly after 200th episodes celebration, he built a house for Harrison when he was cured in Episode 197.


First there was the plain, and ordinary green hill.

Then there was Harrison.

Combine the two and you get Harrison Hill! Yes, a quaint English cottage made of oak wood and stone set upon a natural hill original part of a mountain Stampy destroyed during construction of his theater, just off the Love Garden is the home of local villager (and former zombie villager) Harrison.


There is a secret to this quaint cottage! On first glance you may think it is just a small little old fashioned house for someone with a low budget. But you would be wrong! A secret hatch reveals.. an underground area, which is, according to Stampy, the fanciest part of Stampy's Lovely World! Lucky Harrison!

Related Videos (Construction)Edit

The house was built in the episode entitled "Harrison Hill [204]".

The underground hangout was built in the following episode entitled "Harrison's Hangout [205]".

Harrison was introduced to his new home in the episode entitled "Surprise [206]". This was the last episode featuring Harrison Hill as the main focus. 

Featured Videos Edit

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Minecraft Xbox - Harrison Hill 204

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Minecraft Xbox - Surprise 206-0

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