Harrison is the 197th episode in Stampy's Lovely World. In this video, Stampy and his helpers renovate a former room in Stampy's house for Fred's bedroom. He also cures a Zombie Villager in the Caring Cat Clinic, and finally, they play the Tumble Tower mini-game in the Funland.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Stampy begins the video by doing what he normally does. He and his helpers play the egg throwing mini-game, but no one destroys a painting. At the Love Garden, he mentions that he added Midget Tomahawk, for creating a speed-art of Joseph Garrett. At the Dog House, he picks Bengy to join him. As he goes to the area where they will be building, he sees Spring sitting down at the farm, so he takes him as well.

They then go above the Crafting Room to turn the old stone room, which used to be a minecart track station, into a bedroom for Fred, the friendly enderman. After they have finished building the walls, they proceed to the Tumble Tower mini-game in the Funland, but Stampy first finds a zombie villager so that he can cure the mob and turn it into a villager. Lee managed to find one, so they bring him inside the Caring Cat Clinic and Stampy successfully cures the zombie villager. He decides to name the villager, Harrison.

While Harrison wanders off, Stampy and his helpers finally proceed to the Tumble Tower mini-game and have a single round. Lee gets to the top of the tower first, declaring him the winner. Stampy followed after, while Choo Choo comes in third place, and Long Shot in last place. All of them jump down back to the ground, but Stampy admires the view of the Funland before his game suddenly freezes. He then ends the video.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • First appearance of Harrison.
  • The Former Minecart Station is removed in this episode.
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