Harriott Hill

Cottage, Shelter, Shop


Near Theatre, Stampy's Lovely World


William Beaver

Built by

Stampy Cat
L for Lee x

First Appearance

Harriot's House

Other Appearances

Hat Shop
Harriott Hill (episode)
Need To Read (episode)
Cooking Pot

The Harriott Hill is a natural hill in Stampy's Lovely World.


On Episode 1, Welcome To Stampy's Lovely World, Stampy dug out a temporary shelter for him under Harriott Hill so he will be protected from Googlies and had an attempt to sleep, but he was disturbed by a spider and a zombie. During that time it was not Harriott Hill.

It was a part of a huge mountain, which Stampy destroyed it to make way for the Theatre. There were parts of the mountain which still stand today; the hill on the left became Harrison Hill (the counterpart) and on the right is now Harriott Hill.

On Episode 265, he decided to make a house for her so she can have a place to stay in and have a little bit of rest from shopping all day. It was completed on Episode 267.

On Episode 272, Stampy, Sqaishey and L for Lee x visited her in Harriott Hill and bought hats in her hat shop. They say bye to her and proceeded to work on the Need to Read book shop. This was repeated in Episode 274, this time, Stampy bought a hat as a replacement.


From the outside it is a very small cottage for Harriet made out of birch planks, spruce wood and cobblestone wall. On the inside it is a small room where all amenities of the house is there.

Once you go down through a little ladder, you will see a grand hat shop! This is the place where Harriet will now work in and you can buy varieties of hats. There is also another entrance from the outside of the hill but it is very hidden.


  • Stampy decided to have a hat shop because she loves hats and Santa gave a hat for her as a present last Christmas 2014.
  • They revisited the hill 2 times.

Video Edit

Minecraft Xbox - Harriott Hill -267-

Minecraft Xbox - Harriott Hill -267-

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