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Appearance of the Googlies Manor

Googlies Manor is a large manor in Stampy's Funland.

Googlies Manor

Googlies Manor


Haunted House


Stampy's Funland

First Appearance

Minecraft Slaves

Other Appearances

Ghost Door, Lovely Waterfall, Zombie Dinner Party, Witch Room, Dire Dungeon, Evil Mr. Pork Chop


The house has vines drooping from the ceiling, and has a grand Victorian look to it. The fence were used for the manor's house. Inside, there are an array of rooms to look at and walk through, most of them surrounding by either Spruce Wood or Birch Wood walls.


  • The exterior of the manor looks like the haunted house from the horror movie: Monster House.
  • This was the first walk-through ride in the Funland.


Googlies' Manor is a walk-through ride, where you see an array of rooms. You will hear spooky music playing, and get the chills. First up is the living room, where terrifying sofas face the earth-shattering television. No googlies yet, but the mysterious moving door is sure to send your legs to jelly.

Next up is the dinner party, where chairs surrounding a table with a large class wall surrounding it. Inside the cieling is a completely pitch black area, in the hopes that monsters will fall down the hole onto the table, and it will look like they are having a dinner party.

After that, you walk into the Witches' Room, which is a library. There's no reading going on in here though, as the moment you take your first step arrows fire through the air, with a jack-o-lantern appearing and dissapearing inside the bookcase before your very eyes.

You've just about had enough, you need a bite to eat and- what's that? CAKE? CAKE AT THE END OF A CORRIDOR! You run, mouth watering, but just as you open your mouth for the first bite, the floor opens up beneath you and you find yourself, dazed and confused, inside a stony prison.

Such convicts roam the cells as Evil Mr. Porkchop gives you the look of hate. Desperate to escape, you wander into a cell door and climb up a dodgy ladder into... a litle girls room!

A giant mural of the evil porkchop eating the bed, you try to escape but ghosts follow you until you find a quiet room.

You see colors of the evil creepers as the lights flash on and out, you look through a chest only to find a creeper face made out of tnt! You see a terifying picture of a evil creeper. You find a light, and a ladder!

You see a exit and cakes! Will you go in again? Never or forever?

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Minecraft Xbox - Witch Room 64

Minecraft Xbox - Witch Room 64


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