Goodnight is a video part of Stampy Short.

Synopsis Edit

The story is about two mysterious men building a machine for a hilarious purpose.

Plot Edit

The master ordered the builder to build a machine for him during a thunderstorm. After, they soon give each other a "goodnight". The builder got three sheep for the machine, while the master headed to bed to appreciate their masterpiece, a machine which can fly sheep. He was also able to count them.

Script Edit

Scene 1

Master: We need to get the machine built before sunrise.

Builder: It will be done.

Scene 2

Master: Build the walls higher! I don't want any escaping.

Scene 3

Builder: It's taking too long. We will never get it done in time!

Master: It must be done! Failure is not an option!

Scene 4

Builder: The machine is almost ready.

Master: Excellent! This better work.

Scene 5

Builder: Everything is finished. I will fetch them while you get into position.

Master: Then it's time to say, good night.

Scene 6

(Builder fetches the sheep and approaches to the machine's lever)

Master: Pull the lever!

(Master goes to bed, and as the machine worked, he counts the sheep)

Master: One sheep, two sheep, three sheep-

Credits Edit

  • Voice acting
    • Stampy as Master, Builder
  • Sqaishey - Extra Assistance
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