Good Friends
Episode 119
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Good Friends is the 119th episode in Stampy's Lovely World.


He greets everyone like he always does and he explains that AmyLee33 and Rosie's room is going to be reserved for Henry, his snow golem, and Hilda, his iron golem. Amy, as always feels sad as they build the room which is mostly half mossy cobble and half snow with a meeting point where the two golems meet. Then Amy gives a lovely jubbly for Henry and Hilda. Then they start building Hilda's side which is built with mossy cobble. She had got interest and while they are building, she dances. Then they build Hilda's roof and the snow roof which is for later on. L for Leeee x appears and builds a tunnel for Henry to go over and see the room. Henry was not interested so they built the snow parts and the meeting point. He announces that in the next episode he will add the interior of the room. He then closes the episode.


Video Edit

Minecraft Xbox- Good Friends [119]

Minecraft Xbox - Good Friends 119

Minecraft Xbox - Good Friends 119

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