Stampy's Funland House is a temporary house in Stampy's Funland.


It was built outside of the video so Stampy and his helpers in the episode can sleep there without going back to Stampy's House because the Funland is so far from his house. He uses in the earlier videos but so far he didn't used this since they are building the games far away from the house. An alternate way to sleep is to make beds near the game site or sleep on sheltered areas, for example, the mouse hole in the Cat and Mice game or in the bases of the Flower Power game. But commonly, they make beds near the game site.



Whe\note block song of the Mario theme music. There is also a water tubeway that is similar to his one on Stampy's House.


Outside it is made of bricks with a balcony above the front door. Agatha's Grave is to the left of the house.


It is located at the main entrance.

Funland House