"It's Building Time!"
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Friendly Henry
Episode 113
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Friendly Henry is the 113th episode in Stampy's Lovely World.

Friendly Henry


The episode begins with Stampy starting his intro (Like he always do), Henry the snow golem appears in front of him, He also sees that Henry just follows him wherever he goes, even in the balcony, Stampy's also being joined by L for Leeeeee x and iBallistic Squid who's being dressed as a snow golem, Stampy then goes to his Love Garden.

Burping time.

He announces that in the next episode he will build the flower shop aka Lovely Jubbleys. He then says bye and ends the episode.


Minecraft Xbox- Friendly Henry [113]

Minecraft Xbox - Friendly Henry 113

Minecraft Xbox - Friendly Henry 113

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