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Freeze is a 568th episode inside of Stampy's Lovely World.

Appearance Edit

The game area's shape is in a form of a clover. Almost the entire game area is filled in with water. There are pressure plates scattered around the area: six on the sides and three in the middle. There are also starting points for the players in their boats and the frost walker. Can be seen in episode 601.

There are two redstone mechanisms in the game. The first one is, when a player in the boat hits a pressure plate, the redstone lamp lights up indefinitely until it turns off manually by the second mechanism. The second mechanism is the automatic reset of the game. Before a round starts, the player with the frost walker boots on flicks a lever at his/her starting point, causing all the redstone lamps to light off, and open the wall at the starting point of the players in the boat (with a short delay).

Gameplay Edit

It can be played for two or more players, but most preferably, a large group. The goal of the players in their boats is to earn points, while the goal of the frost walker is to trap the players in the boat to prevent earning points. Once the round starts, the frost walker runs onto the area as a headstart, and the players in their boats start sailing shortly after. The players in their boats work as a team and attempt to hit as many pressure plates as they can without getting trapped by the frost walker. Each pressure plate scores one point, while the middle pressure plate scores two points (but the riskiest to get). The round ends when the frost walker is able to trap all the players in their boats, or if the players in their boats hit all the pressure plates (which is really hard to achieve due to the speed of the frost walker). The player with the least points wins.

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