"Oh! Looks like Fred's been here."
— Stampy about a missing dirt block int he wall
Fred (Top)
Fred's bedroom. (Below)
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First Appeared: Unknown
Last Episode Seen:
Status: Alive
Type of Mob: Enderman

Fred is a friendly Enderman who is seen rarely in Stampy's episodes. He appeared in earlier videos and in Stampy's first Christmas special. He has an ex-girlfriend Enderman named Susan who appears to reside in Stampy's Funland. He now has a bedroom made by Stampy.


During Stampy's first Christmas special, Stampy encounters him in his kitchen and says that Fred will get his Christmas food later. This frustrated Fred, so he punches Stampy. Later when Stampy returned to get a cooked chicken, Fred wasn't there.


Dirt blocks seem to be Fred's favorite building block. Proof of his liking to dirt is Stampy sometimes sees random dirt blocks all over his lovely world, and he has also kept it on his favorite block shelf in his room. Also, according to Stampy, Fred used to date another Enderman named Susan.1 But they did not get along and went to see other people. Susan the Enderman resides in the Funland and is not friendly. Fred also can be seen walking around but Stampy is unsure if it is him or Susan.


A short while before Episode 200 (Lovely World Tribute), Stampy and his friends built a room for Fred. His room (see picture above) is located above the crafting/furnace room, which used to be a minecart station. It is built to look like an Enderman's head and features: pillars for his favorite blocks, an in an item frame and a long bed.

Trivia Edit

  • Fred is the first named Enderman in SLW. The second being Susan
  • The dirt block Fred is holding in Christmas Day is possibly the same dirt block on a pillar in his room.
  • Fred has appeared briefly in Stampy's 404 Challenge.
  • Fred is the thumb nail for the episode.
  • Fred appeared in Stampy's first Christmas episode. The others being Barnaby, Duncan, Oreo, Cedric, Santa, Ank55, Longbow, Henry, and Santa.
  • In the episode, Secret stories, Fred was believed to be "unfriendly" enderman.
  • He recently appeared in episode 570


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