Stampy has a couple of helpers that do not join him anymore.

Crimson AzothEdit

One of them is Crimson Azoth, his real name known as Craig. He left minecraft forever most likely because of an incident that occurred in episode 74,"Helter Skelter", which killed his dog,"Cedric".

Melanie CandyEdit

Then there is not Melanie Candy, who was Stampy's ex-girlfriend. They used to do a series together, where they built the Tardis from Doctor Who. Now Melanie has her own Youtube Channel where she posts her videos, and is a Youtuber in her own right. 


HittheTarget98 used to be a helper until he turned on Stampy and attacked and killed Lucky in Unexpected Drama. Occasionally he appears in Stampy's videos as a villain, played by another person.

Afro DanEdit

Afro Dan is another one of Stampy's Former Helpers and is still a Minecraft player, but he rarely ever joins Stampy in any of his videos anymore, and has a small Youtube account in his own right.

L for Leeeeee xEdit

L for Lee x is another one of Stampy's Former Helpers. He made his last apperience in episode 339 where he gave Stampy his secret cake recipe.

Veeva Dash Edit

Veeva Dash temporarily joined Stampy as a helper, until she revealed to be working for Hit The Target in Friends and Foes. She still occasionally appears in Stampy's video's as a villain alongside Hit The Target.

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