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Flippy is a dog tamed by Stampy outside of a video. She is the oldest female dog that is still living in Stampy's Lovely World. She had the default red collar before the changing of collars. Stampy often takes her for a video, because she is one of his favorite dogs. Flippy has a purple collar.


Barnaby (husband)

Luna (daughter)

Sherbet (Nephew)

Spring (Brother in-law)

Aqua (Regular Sister or Sister in-law)

Personality[edit | edit source]

Flippy is a strong and athletic dog who loves to run and flip, hence her name. She is the fastest dog in the D.A.C (not counting Lee Mark II since he is technically not a dog), with a record time of 35 seconds. She is also a the kindest as she doesn't care when other dogs are fighting. She is also one of the most caring dogs looking after the pack.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Flippy once had a fight with Mittens and won.
  • She is now officially a mother since in episode 261, she and Barnaby had a puppy named Luna (after the Lunar Friends).
  • She is the dog taken by Stampy for two consecutive episodes (The Shaker and Giant Cake), also previously (Recycle Michael and Glass Elevator).
  • After Barnaby was kidnapped by Hit The Target in "Sleepy Stampy" (Episode 320), Flippy temporarily became the oldest dog in Stampy's Wolfpack until Barnaby returned in "Hot Spot".
  • Her name was based on a character from Happy Tree Friends, despite the gender.
  • She is the crafting table janitor in Lovely Inc.
  • if Barnaby was not revived in Memories (Episode), she would've been the new oldest dog in SLW.
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