Flats Back
A Minecraft series by Stampy
Flats Back 1
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Let's Play Type Series
Run date(s) 1st November 2017 - 22nd January 2018
Status Complete
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Flats Back was a Minecraft Let's Play survival series created and hosted by Stampylongnose. It is the sequel to the Stampy Flat Challenge.

Overview Edit

This series is a revamped version of its predecessor with new objectives in a customized super-flat world. Stampy introduced a level system where, for each level, there are objectives he has to achieve in order to go to the next level.

The first level is The Beast, which has a magma block surface with dirt and orange stained glass underground. Villages and small water and lava lakes spawn in the surface. In order to complete this level, Stampy must get:

  • At least 25 exp;
  • 3 golden apples;
  • 4 ghast tears; and
  • 3 blocks of TNT.

The second level is The Feast, which is a normal plain biome with abundances of flowers and mushrooms. The blocks below it vary from smooth stone, andesite, granite, diorite, gravel, iron ore, and coal. Openings of caves are seen around the area. In order to complete this level, Stampy must eat five of each food listed below.

  • Cake
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Fish
  • Mushroom Stew

The third level is The Craft, which contains a cave system and has all of the blocks and other things you can find in a normal one. Unlike the previous levels, the level goes down deeper to make the cave system fit in. In order to complete this level, Stampy must craft:

  • 10 clocks;
  • 10 redstone lamps;
  • 1 enchantment table; and
  • 1 anvil.

The final level is The Last, which contains a ceiling of TNT and orange wool floor. The only objective in this level is to survive five minutes without placing a block. Stampy must be careful not to blow up any of the TNT because, if one blows up, it would affect everything and he would ultimately fail in the entire challenge. The entire level is dark, which poses more danger as more googlies would spawn.

Episodes Edit

# Episode Release date
The Beast
1 The Floor Is Lava 1st November 2017
2 The Craft 3rd November 2017
3 A New Town 6th November 2017
4 Mob Trap 10th November 2017
5 Block Thief! 13th November 2017
6 The Circle Of Life 19th November 2017
7 Worlds Worst Minecraft Player 24th November 2017
8 So Dangerous! 27th November 2017
9 Why Did I Do That?! 1st December 2017
10 Fire Everywhere! 4th December 2017
11 Saftey Room 8th December 2017
12 Best Start Ever 11th December 2017
13 Top Of The World 15th December 2017
14 Completed Level 1! 18th December 2017
The Feast
15 The Feast 22nd December 2017
16 Fingers Crossed 29th December 2017
17 Silly Stampy! 2nd January 2018
18 Dinner Time! 5th January 2018
19 The Craft1 8th January 2018
The Craft
20 This Is Real?! 12th January 2018
21 Trophy Room 15th January 2018
22 Final Challenge 19th January 2018
The Last
23 The Last 22nd January 2018


  • 1 - Features both The Feast and The Craft, but was put in The Feast episode table since Stampy completed The Feast in this video.
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