Fizzy Elephant is a helper in Stampy's Lovely World. Although his presence in Stampy's Lovely World was foreshadowed in previous episodes, his first physical appearance was in the episode 393, which is also named "Fizzy Elephant" wherein he wanted to have a party. He randomly guessed that it was Stampy's birthday and threw a "birthday party" inside the theater. He currently resides in the Music Tower. He has a more relaxed, care-free and child-like personality as in many episodes where he is present he mostly does other things apart from helping Stampy, however in many other episodes he does help Stampy normally. He is also known to love and eat cookies. He also has his own shop/party place called Fizzy Fun along with cookie crumble, a hidden shop under stampy's beetrootique. He lives in Stampy's Music Tower. Stampy also seems to enjoy it when Fizzy makes random games or structures or puts his dogs in random places.

Fizzy Elephant showing a cookie

Notable Appearances/History[edit | edit source]

Fizzy Elephant (episode)[edit | edit source]

He first appeared in Stampy's Lovely World where he set up a "birthday party" for Stampy at the Theatre. Stampy found out because of the fireworks and coloured carpet so Stampy entered the place When he discovered the birthday gift, inside it was Fizzy. Fizzy only guessed his birthday which was wrong (Stampy's birthday was in December.) Instead, they celebrate like it would be his birthday by playing Musical Statues and Hide and Seek. After the party, he showed Stampy where he lives which was at the empty room of the Music Tower.

Horsing Around[edit | edit source]

Fizzy participated in a Hit the Target and Veeva Dash battle for the first time. He bravely made Veeva Dash chase him away. It is unknown what happened to Veeva Dash, but he went back and tangled Hit the Target and his horse at the Soggy Sandwich.

Coffee Cup[edit | edit source]

Fizzy joined Stampy in this episode to play the game “Coffee Cup” with him to decide who would be the employee-of-the-month of the new restaurant Coffee Corner before they were interrupted. Some of Stampy’s dkdmsmmemsmwmwmsmssmmsdogs suddenly teleported to them before they were going start the fifth round and that made Stampy worried. They ran to the Stampy's Doghouse and found that Hit the Target and Veeva Dash were using invisibility potions to get the dogs to their fortress. After some dramatic events, HTT and Veeva splashed themselves with invisibility potions again. Fizzy then threw cookies everywhere. At first Stampy told him to stop being silly, but then he saw HTT and Veeva picking up the cookies, this made Stampy know where they were even they were still invisible so he scared them away. Fizzy was complimented by Stampy for the smart action he took.

Hero Helpers[edit | edit source]

Fizzy and other helpers built a trap to trap HTT and saved Stampy who was trapped by HTT in the previous episode. In the end of the video, he, along with the other helpers were added to Stampy's love garden for their heroic rescue.

Curtain Drop[edit | edit source]

Fizzy appeared again in the episode Curtain Drop where he made an audience at Movie Magic and played with 2 pistons Stampy accidentally made.

Fizzylympics[edit | edit source]

Fizzy loves to eat cookies. Near Stampy's Funland, he made a game involving cookie islands that he built in Episode 450, "Fizzylympics." It begins by Fizzy becoming Stampy and Stampy becoming Fizzy. Both are joined by William Beaver. They have boat races that maneuver around the cookie islands. Next, they parkoured on the cookies for five laps. Finally, they are on the cookie islands and they try to punch each other off. Stampy plays Fizzylympics with his Fizzy and William Beaver for the entire episode.

Fizzy's Crime/Trial (episode)[edit | edit source]

In the episode Fizzy's Crime, Fizzy killed William Beaver’s pet chicken that he used about 4 minutes to take it to the courtroom construction ground. Later Fizzy built a statue of the chicken and put a sign said,’sorry he ded’. At the end of the episode, he was trapped in a cage built by William with a sign saying, ‘Guilty Elephant’. Stampy said that once the courtroom has finished building, Fizzy will have a trial.

In the episode Trial (episode). Fizzy had a trial in the courtroom to decide whether he was guilty or innocent. He was announced to be guilty and was locked in jail inside the Playful Po Po Station. Later he was set free and he and Stampy and the other helpers played some minigames in Stampy's Funland for the rest of the episode.

Skin[edit | edit source]

He is a grey-colored Elephant who always wears golden leggings and boots, and his skin came from the skin pack named Battle And Beasts.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Fizzy is a funny and silly Elephant. He likes to party and make Stampy be surprised and laugh.

He loves cookies, and always has a very large amount of them in his inventory.

He doesn’t like horror movies, in the episode Scary Movies, he ran out of the cinema at the enderman jumpscare part.

He likes colorful things. He decorated his house with different colored carpets, wool and flowers. He also likes to set fireworks everywhere.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Fizzy Elephant has a Twitter account (sometimes used).
  • Fizzy doesn’t want Stampy to use his angry voice to talk to him, whenever Stampy says he is going to use his angry voice, he immediately obeys Stampy’s orders.
  • Fizzy Elephant is the latest main Lovely World Helper to be introduced. The previous helper introduced was Polly Reindeer, 26 episodes earlier.
  • His skin is the Elephant from the Battles and Beasts skin pack.
  • Fizzy took Ank55's place in 2016 and built his snowman along with Stampy and LONG bow X99.
  • Fizzy is responsible for the murder of William Beaver's pet chicken in the episode "Fizzy's Crime."
  • He is rumored to be played by DanTDM, IBallisticSquid or L For Lee, because they wear the same leggings and boots although Lee wore Diamond, and he wears gold.
  • It is said that Sherbet is his favorite dog (presumed by Stampy because Fizzy picked him)
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