Fire Station (episode)
Episode 211
Minecraft Xbox - Fire Station 211

Minecraft Xbox - Fire Station 211

Release Date July 12, 2014
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Fire Station is the 211st episode in Stampy's Lovely World. In this episode Stampy and L for Leeeee x start to create Beat the Heat Fire Station.


Stampy greets then plays The Fishing Rod Game with Lee. While Lee is finished, he looked up and saw HitTheTarget's balloon again. Stampy later picks Barnaby as his dog for the episode. He named the fire station: "Beat the Heat Fire Station". He then proceeds to construct the fire station with the help of Lee.

After building the outer walls and the two garage doors, Stampy and Lee play a round of spontaneous spleef, Stampy wins the first round within 20 seconds of the round starting, Lee won the next round after Stampy tried to jump to Lee's side and failed because Lee quickly broke the block he landed on, Lee wins the final round as well.

As if to prove Stampy's point that he made about never playing spleef with a creeper, a creeper explodes and damages the open garage of the fire station. Randomly, Sherbet fell from the sky.


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Minecraft Xbox Fire Station [211]


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