Fire And Water (episode)
Episode 528
Release Date June 28, 2017
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Helpers Appeared
William Beaver
Polly Reindeer
Fizzy Elephant
Sqaishey (cameo)
Pets Chosen
People Added to the Love Garden
Lauren Jones
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Fire And Water is the 528th episode set inside Stampy's Lovely World.

Plot Edit

Stampy and his helpers have a tournament on their new minigame in the Funland.

Synopsis Edit

Stampy started the day by greeting to the viewers and to his helpers. He ate cake, brought Barnaby, and went to the Love Garden and added Lauren Jones (again), for creating artworks of Duncan and Mittens, and Stampy. He then went to the Dog House and Kitty Cat Condo and picked Duncan and Mittens, respetively, and used the Teleporter to go to the Funland.

Stampy and his helpers then played the new minigame, with Stampy battling against Fizzy. At the end of their turns, Fizzy got 15 points, while Stampy got 20. William then battled next against Polly, but Stampy sped up the footage since the rounds took long. After their turns, William got 16, while Polly got 14. William then battled Stampy in the grand finale. At the end of their turns, William got 10, while Stampy got 13, making him the winner of the tournament.

He then ended the video.

Trivia Edit

  • In the following episode, Lauren and Lauren Jones combined into one, meaning Stampy added Lauren in the Love Garden again.
  • This marks the first time of a photo of Duncan and Mittens shown in the Love Garden.
  • Since this episode, Remote Mind Vocalizers were taken out. The first was Cart Count.
  • Sqaishey appears at the very end of the video, where she is building a duck pond.
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