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First Appearance: Unknown
Last Appearance: Unknown
Username: Unknown
Nicknames: Unknown
Real Name: braidan
Gallery: "Unknown"

Finnball (gamertag Finnba11) is a helper and friend in Stampy's Lovely World. He is a king (in the game but not real life). He also has his own YouTube channel. He sometimes appears in Stampy's Lovely World. He has a wife. He is a major helper but does not appear as much as the other major helpers. Stampy has also featured in his serie: Finnball’s Kingdom.

Skin[edit | edit source]

Finnball's minecraft xbox 360 skin is the Hero (Fabel) skin from the Skin Pack 1. 

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In real life, he lives in USA.
  • He came second on the Maze Master" minigame.
  • Finnball is also featured in the "It's A Lovely World After All" ride. Stampy said his model was the best and most funny.
  • On his YouTube channel he has a dog called Spartacus.
  • Finnball helped Squid decorate his house but later his room was destroyed by Hit the Target and Veeva Dash in Revenge and it wasn't rebuild since then
  • Finnball often plays with stampy in Hunger Games maps as well.
  • Finnball and his wife went to the Funland in Stampy's Lovely World for their celebration.
  • Finnball was credited in the adventure map, Deadland.
  • He was deliberately shot by L for Lee x in episode 137, Naughty Helpers

Series[edit | edit source]

  • Finnball's Kingdom
  • Dual Island Survival- Minecraft
  • Father V.S. Son
  • hunger games

Channel[edit | edit source]

Channel: Finnball


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