Fight In Flight is the 212th episode in Stampy's Lovely World. In this video, Stampy and Lee carry on building the Beat the Heat Fire Station but an unexpected battle has happened with his evil nemesis Hit the Target.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Stampy greets the viewers and adds someone to the Love Garden. He then goes to the Dog House and picks his dog for the rest of the episode.

He then goes to the Beat the Heat Fire Station to continue building. While building the Fire Station, Stampy and Lee pretend to be fire fighters. When Stampy tells Lee to "pretend" to make a fire, Lee sets fire to the Flower Shop nearby. After setting out the fire, Stampy angrily demands Lee to give him his Flint and Steel. After that, Stampy runs back to the house to get some wool when he sees some of his dogs sitting atop some trees, growling. He then notices a hot air balloon in the sky. Thinking that it's Hit The Target's Hot Air Balloon, he starts walking to his hot air balloon to check it out.

He ascends into the sky using his own hot air balloon (which he built in the 199th episode Hot Air Balloon) and sees Barnaby below in a cage. He then fought Hit the Target. After a fierce arrow duel, Stampy tells him to fight like a man! So Stampy drops his weapons and armor and Hit the Target does so too (except he secretly doesn't drop his bow).

They then make a bridge in the middle of the two hot air balloons so they can do a fist fight. When they meet in the center, Hit the Target surprises Stampy with his bow, but fortunately Stampy successfully manages to blow a punch on him and he falls off the bridge between the hot air balloons.

During his fall, Hit the Target was abducted by a UFO. The UFO belonged to Stampy's Lunar Friends. Hit the Target trapped Barnaby, so Stampy went to the bottom of HTT's hot air balloon and freed Barnaby. Stampy set fire to HTT's balloon and jumped into the sea with Barnaby with trust. The balloon was filled with googlies, so Stampy's sea was infested with zombies and skeletons. Duncan is there and helped Stampy to kill the googlies. After he finished the googlies Stampy was glad that Barnaby and all his dogs were safe and sound like usual.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the first time Hit The Target kidnaps Barnaby.
  • It is unknown what happened to Hit the Target after the Lunar friends saved him. Stampy will find out why it was happened in the future video.
  • Barnaby and Duncan made a rather big appearance near the end of the video.
  • This is Hit the Target's 7th battle appearance

Video[edit | edit source]

Minecraft Xbox- Fight in Flight [212]


Fight In Flight

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