Fashion Sense is a game in the Funland.

Appearance Edit

The game features a red carpet which leads towards a black and red building with a huge glowstone star on top of it. The inside has two armour stands, one on the bottom and one on the top, with four dispensers which dispense random armour, and a water stream which can be switched left or right. This is used to move the armour stand to the left or to the right. Outside has two armour stands where the players attempt to guess what is the correct armour in the armour stands inside, as well as two double chests, one with every armour set and one to put the armour from the dispensers which are then refilled for later.

The redstone is quite complicated but it is simple. Once one of the buttons is pressed, redstone below is signaled to the dispensers which dispense armour as well as an another dispenser which controls the water stream to move the armour stands right or left. Another button is pressed to do the same thing, but it dispenses random armour from the right then moving them to the left.

Mechanics Edit

The game can be played for 2 or more players, but a round can be played for 1 player only. The game starts by pressing a button to dispense random armour which are cannot be seen because of the spruce doors. They are then moved to be seen by the player for a second. Once they are passed, the player then guesses what are the armour displayed by putting them onto two armour stands, one for the top and one for the bottom. Once he/she is done, the player then opens the doors then sees the correct answer, and every correct piece of armour will be 1 point for the player. The game goes on until players get a go, and whoever has the most points earned is the winner!


The game ranked #5 in Stampy's Top 10 Mini-Games.

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